How To Get PokéCoins In Pokémon GO For Free

How to get PokeCoins for free in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been a  game changer for gaming on Android smartphones and iOS devices. It has already climbed to the top of charts in both Apple Play Store as well as Google Play Store. However, most of Pokemon Go players face one perennial problem PokeCoins. If you have money to burn, buying Pokecoin seems to be the best option. There are some players who are lazy and don’t want to grind your way to get Pokeballs or a lucky egg, you can always buy items in the shop. You can buy incense, incubators, Pokeballs and what not. However, you need to buy these items using Pokecoin which you can purchase by spending real money through your app store.

However, if you are stingy or broke, you can earn PokeCoins within the game itself by using this hack.


In order to earn PokeCoins, you must head to a gym that is currently being held by your team. You get to choose your team after reaching level five, either Blue, Red or Yellow. The only way you can identify it is by matching the colour of your avatar with the colour of the gym. Once you are at a gym that is being guarded by your team, you must assign a high-level Pokemon from your bag/inventory. This will allow you to protect the gym and also help you earn coins.

Since you can only assign one Pokemon per gym, you need to go to various gyms, place your Pokemon and quickly collect your PokeCoin before your Pokemon are defeated.

Once your Pokemon is assigned to various gyms, you can start collecting coins. The coins will be available in the upper right corner of the screen when you  are on the shop page. Once there, use your Defender Bonus and confirm. You will be given 10 PokeCoins and bonus Stardust for each Pokemon that is assigned to various gyms.

If this seems like too much work, you can assign one Pokemon to a gym per day and still collect the bonus. The coins will add up. Plus, the extra stardust will help you level your Pokemon so that they can better defend your gym.

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