Here are some must know Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Essential keyboard shortcuts that will help you to navigate Windows 10 like a pro

I know when you read the title of this article, you went Oh No! not another article with keyboard shortcuts. I already know all the Windows shortcuts! But I beg to differ from you.

When Microsoft rejigged its Windows architecture for Windows 10, it added some quite brilliant keyboard shortcuts which I am sure you may now know.

There are plenty of ways to navigate Windows 10, but sometimes using keyboard shortcuts is the most convenient and can save time and effort.

You can click on the start button or tap it with your finger on a touchscreen to access the power controls or you can just hit the Windows button on the keyboard without lifting a hand.

Using Windows shortcuts to call out menus in a jiffy is also a sure shot way impress your female friends or office colleagues.

The Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts are so easy that once you assign them to your memory, it will take just two clicks with your fingers to call out the menu you are looking for. Here are the best keyboard shortcuts, you’ll want to know.

Windows key – This shows the Start menu, which includes icons for most used apps, browsers and productivity apps like Office as well as File Explorer, Settings, Power and all apps

Windows + X – A text version of the Start menu pops up in the lower left corner

Windows + Tab – Called Task View, this displays all active apps on a single screen

Windows + C – This summons Cortana, the speech activated Web search tool

Windows + Left arrow – Moves the current app or window, fully displayed, to the left side of the screen

Windows + Right arrow – Moves the current app or window, fully displayed, to the right side of the screen

Windows + Up arrow – Restores an app or windows to full screen

Windows + Down arrow – Minimizes an app or window or, if it’s already minimized, removes the app from the screen

Windows + D – Gets you to the desktop

Windows + Ctrl + D – Adds a virtual desktop

Windows + Ctrl + F4 – Close the virtual desktop you’re using

Windows + comma – Gets you a peek at the desktop that goes away when you release the keys

Windows + Shift + Left or Right arrow – Moves an app from one monitor to another

Windows + Ctrl + F – Search for PCs on a network

I liked Windows + C which calls Cortana without having to navigate the search box and Windows + Ctrl + F for searching other PCs on the network, the best of all.

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