Are we alone in the universe? UFO ‘120 times faster than plane captured on air traffic radar’

New Zealand news channels were abuzz with the news of UFO sighting. The news was first aired on News Now which showed a super-speed flight was picked up by a tracker website which uses radar to pinpoint where a plane is.  This irrefutable proof has led UFO hunters and enthusiasts to state that this is perhaps the best proof that aliens exist.

The air traffic radar shows an object travelling, and was said to be 120 times faster than a standard plane, from New Zealand to Canberra in Australia.As such speeds are yet out of the realm of humans, it can be safely deduced that there is some extraterrestrial intelligence at play.

In addition to the air traffic radar, a local New Zealand TV station also alleged to have captured evidence of an object around the same time that it suggested could be the UFO responsible. According to the broadcast, the tracker gave the flight the name ZED-KG-DG, which did not relate to any known flight.

Some UFO websites have described this as an irrefutable proof while UFO enthusiasts are elated at getting such a clear video. One person posting online said: “New Zealand news reported that the unknown object was travelling at a speed 150 times faster than a normal jet.

The video has it part of naysayers. One viewer also posted a comment, saying that what was shown in the video is perhaps just a technical glitch in the system. NASA was also blamed for hiding data earlier this month when they cut off a live stream when a suspected alien craft was flying near the International Space Station (ISS).

True or not, there’s no stopping UFO hunters and enthusiasts from searching for the truth and gathering significant evidence proving that UFOs and aliens exist.