Top 10 Countries Which Have The Best Programmers In The World

Top 10 countries for computer programming

Recently, HackerRank published a study showing which countries have the best developers. HackerRank is a free coding practice website that allows developers to enhance their coding skills by solving challenges. In other words, the HackerRank platform is the destination for the best engineers to perfect their skills and companies to find top engineers. The company has ranked 1.5 million developers based on the speed and accuracy with which people complete the challenges.

This study ranked which countries were best overall, which countries ruled in each type of challenge, which types of challenges were most popular, and which languages each country favoured.

The United States and India overall put up disappointing numbers despite having the most participants on the site with U.S. coming at 28th position and India following a little behind at the 31st position.

Let’s have a look at who’s made into the top list and why?

1 China

In HackerRank’s overall list, China clinched the 1st position for the best performing computer programmers. When it comes to specific types of challenges, China is the best performing country in data structure, mathematics, and functional programming.

2 Russia

It is no surprise that Russia’s strong performance in HackerRank’s challenges has got them to this list. Russia is the most dominant country when it comes to algorithms, which is the most popular kind of challenge on the site.

3 Poland

Java is the preferred language among many of the HackerRank’s users. It is particularly remarkable to see Poland in the list, as it has won Java challenges on HackerRank’s site. Poland also offers coding classes in their schools like many of the other countries on this list.

4 Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most dominant countries across the board, as it scores the top five in nine of them of the 15 top types of challenges on HackerRank. Switzerland was also the origin of Pascal, one of the first computer programming languages. Additionally, Switzerland was also ranked no. 1 in the Global Innovation Index’s 2016 report.

5 Hungary

Hungary tops the world in performance on tutorial challenges and comes in at a remarkable no. 5 spot in the rankings. Hungary was one of the first European countries to implement computer programming classes into their education system, in both primary and secondary schools.

6 Japan

Japan is making great strides in AI (artificial intelligence). So, it’s no surprise when it comes to HackerRank’s AI challenges that Japan is the best country in the world. For instance, early this summer, the University of Tokyo was apparently able to save a woman’s life using AI to diagnose her cancer.

7 Taiwan

Scoring high in database, algorithm, functional programming and data structure challenges, Taiwan comes in at no. 7. The survey found that Python is the dominant language.

8 France

French programmers dominate C++ challenges, according to the HackerRank study. One reason for this is that France started providing programming classes in elementary schools in June 2014.

9 Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is dominant in shell scripting challenges, which makes the country stand at the no. 9 spot on the list of best programmers. They also ran second in mathematics challenges on HackerRank.

10 Italy

When it comes to HackerRank’s database and tutorial challenges, this country is specifically impressive as it ranks second in both those areas. It is not only HackerRank that thinks extremely high of Italy. Apple announced a new school for 600 programmers at The University of Napoli Federico II on the coast of Italy.

Source: Business Insider

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