These are the five wealthiest tech billionaires in the world

Every year thousands of software engineers passout from colleges with one dream. To reach the ultimate pinnacle and become a tech billionaire. Many of these software programmers go on to launch their startups. A handful of those are successfull and make it to the top league. What keeps these software programmers going is people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These guys made it to top billionaire list on their own merit. Today we bring you such a list of tech billionaires who have enough money to send rockets to Mars or own their own sporting team.

This list of the 5 richest tech billionaires in the world comes from a collaboration between Business Insider and wealth analytics firm Wealth-X.

#1 Bill Gates

Net worth: $89.4 billion Age: 60 Country: US Source of wealth: Self-made; Microsoft

Bill Gates is not only a tech billionaire, he is also the richest person on Earth.He started making all that money early; at 30, he became a billionaire when Microsoft went public. He co-founded the company and ran it for years, eventually stepping down as CEO in 2000. He retains a position on the company’s board, but largely focuses his time on philanthropic work.

1. Bill Gates

With his wife Melinda Gates, Bill Gates leads the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

#2 Jeff Bezos

Net worth: $51.2 billion Age: 52 Country: US Source of wealth: Self-made;

2. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos started his enterprise from his garage. Amazon started with selling books and now sells pretty much everything under the sun. Bezos has moved from focusing only on Amazon, to other stuff, like owning newspapers (the Washington Post) and putting rockets into space (Blue Origin).

Amazon is also expanding to new markets and territories. The company is now involved in entertainment production for streaming on Amazon Prime, providing the backbone of many websites through its Amazon Web Services division, and even delivering groceries with AmazonFresh. And soon, Bezos’ Amazon is going to revolutionize all delivery as well with drones!

#3 Mark Zuckerberg

Net worth: $46.2 billion Age: 31 Country: US Source of wealth: Self-made; Facebook

3. Mark Zuckerberg

People may not know Bezos or Gates but they definitely know Mark Zukerberg, thanks to the massive reach of Facebook. He developed Facebook while in college at Harvard, dropped out of school to launch it, and never looked back. The Zuckerbergs pledged to give away 99% of their wealth in their lifetime, and regularly contribute money or Facebook shares to causes (like the fight against Ebola) and communities (the New Jersey public school system).

#4 Larry Ellison

Net worth: $46.1 billion Age: 71 Country: US Source of wealth: Self-made; Oracle

4. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle Corp., one of the world’s largest software companies. Oracle software is used for businesses and government. Its products are also helping software developers to create their own programs, and workplace efficiency software are the bread and butter of Oracle. The company is second only to Microsoft is software use worldwide.

Ellison was at one time the most highly paid CEO in the world. He owns a Hawaiian island (Lanai) and he was good friends with Steve Jobs. He is an intensely interesting man among a bunch of very interesting people.

#5 Larry Page

Net worth: $37.8 billion Age: 42 Country: US Source of wealth: Self-made; Google

5. Larry Page

Larry Page is the slightly more wealthy half of the duo who founded Google. Page is CEO of Alphabet, Google’s new parent company, while Sergey Brin fills the role of president (Sundar Pichai now runs Google as CEO). Page is responsible for the algorithm at the heart of Google’s search engine, which compiles results in a specific ranking.

Page become a billionaire at the age of 30, and led the acquisition of Android by Google. Though he stepped down from Google leadership for a decade, he resumed the position of CEO in 2011 and has only grown the company in the years since.