5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof

Keep Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof With These Easy 5 Methods

While SD cards are great as they are small in size, lightweight and versatile (you can store any type of data on them), they also have their own share of disadvantages and risks.

Hacking has become an issue not just for computers, but also for smartphones. Besides getting access to your private information and location, a hacker can also easily get access to your email, social media and bank accounts. As a result, the SD card which is inside your phone too is at the risk of being hacked and be stripped of all the important and private information stored on it. Therefore, it becomes very critical to ensure that your SD card data is hack-proof.

Keep Your SD Cards In A Safe Location

To ensure that your card is not lost, or stolen, or physically damaged, keep your card in a secure location. In addition, to ensure that your card does not fall into the wrong hands, make it a point to carry it with you always.

Password-Protect Data

Protecting your card with a password is an easy way to ensure that your SD card is hack-proof. This prevents unauthorized access, theft or vicious deletion. There are several password-protection softwares or applications available for smartphones. You can easily get one and create a password for your SD Card data (NOTE: Always make sure that the password used cannot be easily guessed; avoid using personal information such as name, date of birth, etc. for passwords).

Write-Protect Data

Write-protecting data is equal to locking the data. Other than you, no one can access, delete and change the data inside your SD card. All you need to do is just take the SD card out of your device, then find the tiny switch at the left side of the card and push the switch to the lock position. Later, if you wish to access the data again, you can remove the write-protect by pushing the switch to the unlock position.

Encrypt SD Cards

Data encryption is more advanced than password-protecting your data. It will make the data invisible by hiding them with encryptions making it very difficult to access it since it is hidden. However, you need to use a computer to operate the encryption software on SD cards. To prevent anyone from accessing your SD card data, it is suggested that you encrypt the entire SD card.

Protect It From Any Physical Damage

Besides keeping your SD card hack-proof, it is also important to keep it away from any physical damage such as heavy stuff, water and fire. Since the card is so tiny and fragile, no type of software can ever restore if it is physically damaged. Whenever possible, you should storage it in safe conditions when not in use.

Source: datanumen

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