Ben Heck Hacks Microsoft’s Latest Console ‘Xbox One S’ And Converts Into A Laptop

Benjamin “Ben” Heck, the creator and host of The Ben Heck Show, has managed to tinker the current generation with the  best gaming console “Xbox One S” released by Microsoft and convert it to an awesome portable laptop complete with screen for full-powered gameplay on the move. For those unfamiliar, Ben is a YouTuber that hacks, builds, re-designs gadgets and talks about different know-hows on his channel.

The video below shows him breaking down the components necessary to make the machine run on a laptop front, and then configuring it for best results. While the there’s a lot of work that goes into making of the laptop, it’s definitely a fascinating process to see what makes an Xbox One tick.

Ben uses many of the major components of the Xbox One S (Blue Ray Drive, Power Supply Unit, a Motherboard, and a Hard Drive) as the base for the laptop. He also uses a controller to navigate menus to start a Blu-Ray movie. Ben takes the motherboard and scans an image of it in Adobe Illustrator. To give him more mounting options, he uses laser patterns to knock holes in the motherboard. He also cuts the aluminium base of the Xbox One S with a computer numerical control (CNC) machine to form part of the laptop chassis.

To ensure that the gaming console that was converted into a laptop has proper ventilation, Ben reduced the hardware size to ensure that it cools properly. He managed to find an appropriate fan that can be controlled at different speeds so that the laptop will not overheat.

Source: element14