Nintendo Hack: Want to experience the upcoming Nintendo Switch on your Wii U? Here’s how to do it [VIDEO]

Last month, when Nintendo unveiled its powerful gaming console “Nintendo Switch”, it left everyone wanting for more. With less than a month to go before Nintendo Switch’s official release (March 3, 2017), excited gamers who cannot wait until then or not ready to pay a hefty price for the same have already found a hack with a Wii U console and GamePad that allows them to play games just like in NS.

For the unaware, the Nintendo Switch (codenamed the NX) is Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid video game console and their seventh major game console. It is part home console, part portable – as the main console unit and portable screen plugs into the Nintendo Switch Dock – and the screen can be taken on the go – instantly transitioning into a portable mode.

Hack: How To Convert Wii U In To Nintendo Switch

Since Wii U is the direct predecessor of Nintendo Switch, it is common knowledge that the two systems share lot of key features. To begin with, even though Wii U’s GamePad might be a little chunkier compared to Nintendo Switch, it is still possible to achieve the latter’s handheld mode with Wii U.

According to T3, since Wii U and the Switch share the same screen size (6.2-inches), Wii U can be changed into handheld mode while playing Mario Kart 8 or Breath of the Wild while freeing up the TV and enjoying some pure Nintendo goodness.

You can also recreate Nintendo Switch’s tabletop mode by purchasing a charging dock for Wii U that usually costs around $10. It is converted to the tabletop mode when Wii U is plugged into the charging dock and the GamePad is put on top of the dock.

Check out the video below for more information.