Your favourite DoS game Road Rash is coming back (Video)

Road Rash, the game everyone loved and grew up within the 1990s is coming back! (video)

If you belong to the generation that was born somewhere in the 1970s, you would have played Road Rash at least once. The iconic and cult classic DOS-based game which some fans love to play even today is going to make a comeback.

I remember those days when we went to someplace that had a computer and the first thing we would search for was the Road Rash game.

The addictive game could keep games engaged for hours. Now the iconic Road Rash is back albeit with a new name. And some superlative graphics.

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However, the developers behind the new version of Road Rash say that but the basic ethos of riding motorcycles against some weapon-wielding competition including the swearing has been kept as it is. The new game will be called Road Redemption and is scheduled to release on the 4th of October 2017.

The creators call the new Road Redemption a spiritual successor to the original Road Rash.

What makes Road Redemption even more special is that it is crowdfunded the game. Out on pre-release, the game has been getting some updates to make it suit modern gamers.

This also means that Road Rash fans can release the own mods for Road Redemption in near future along with the bike of their choice and a map containing the hardest of obstacles.

If you have played the original Road Rash and remember pulling beside rival motorcycle and giving them hell for leather with a pipe, chain, baseball-bat, you would not be disappointed with Road Redemption.

The new game also has the same rogue truck that many of us fell to because we were not playing with proper attention.

Though Road Redemption is a follower of classic Road Rash which was an arcade game, the new game also has a storyline to keep the millennials hooked up. The game also has modern bikes, unlike the old Road Rash which had blobs for motorbikes and pixelated players.

I for one am looking forward to playing the Road Redemption just for nostalgia.

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