How to run Kali Linux in Docker on Windows 10

A lot of people use Linux. A lot of people use Windows. A lot of people come in the over lap and use both Linux and Windows on the same machine. Until now, the ways to do this , was either by using a virtual machine or by dual booting the two OSes on the machine. Both these methods have their pros and cons. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a third method for running multiples OSes – by using containers and in this article, we’ll go through the steps required to achieve this.

Step 1: First thing that you need to do, is enable containers. For this, open the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows key+R ,type optionalfeatures and hit enter.

Step 2: In the dialog box that appears, make sure the Containers option is checked.

Step 3: Once done, you will need to install the docker. Install the stable channel Windows MSI.

Step 4: Once the installation completes, you will need to log off and log in once. When you log in, you should get the message Docker is starting…

Step 5: We’ll be using Kali Linux in our example. Open up the Command Line Interface(CLI) of your choice and enter docker pull kalilinux/kali-linux-docker. This will pull the image from the docker store.

Step 6: Now, we will enter an interactive bash session by typing docker run -t -I kalilinux/kali-linux-docker /bin/bash. This installation is supposed to be minimal, so do be sure to get all the packages you really want.

Step 7: In the last step, we shall install the go-to for most pentester – Metasploit by using the command apt install metasploit-framework ruby

Step 8: Start up the PostgresSQL database that Metasploit uses , initialize it and to msfconsole we go.

Source: Microsoft TechNet