Google launches Chrome User Experience Report

Google announces Chrome User Experience Report to help developers make better websites

In this age of ‘just a click away’ technology, majority of the companies are ensuring that their websites are more user friendly and interactive. To ensure that their websites stay abreast with their competitors’, developers have a lots of tools that allows them to see how real-world users experience their websites.

However, there are no tools that allows developers to see how their website user experience compared to others. To help the developers with this, Google has launched the Chrome User Experience Report, a public dataset of key user experiences for top websites on the Internet. It is intended to give the developers a better insight into how users perceive and use their web pages on a day-to-day basis while using Google Chrome.

“By querying the dataset, developers can better understand the browsing experience of Google Chrome users from the different hardware, software, and networks they use. Web analytics will help site developers and the web community understand what they are doing well, identify areas for improvement, and observe the progress of the user experience over time,” Google said during the 2017 edition of the Chrome Web Summit conference in San Francisco.

The initial dataset is constructed from 10,000 samples, with emphasis on loading metrics such as First Paint, First Contentful Paint, Connection Type, Device Type, and others. The metrics provided by the Chrome User Experience Report are powered by “real user measurement data”.

“The data reflects how real users experienced the visited origin and, unlike synthetic or local testing where the test is performed under fixed and simulated conditions, captures the full range of external factors that shape and contribute to the final user experience,” added Google.

Since the data is not downloadable, one will need to have a Google account and a Google Cloud Project to access and query the dataset. You can proceed to the Chrome User Experience Report website for more details.

Google explains that the Chrome User Data Report provides an “overview of comparisons to other sites [and] trends in the web experience of the macro users.In the future, the measures will be extended to other areas, so it will be more useful for developers looking to improve their sites.”

Source: Engadget


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