Apple slows down iPhone performance as much as 50 percent after iOS 11.2.2 update

Downloading the latest iOS 11.2.2 will leave you with a nasty surprise so be careful

From a security point of view, the iOS 11.2.2 is extremely important and we recommend  you to download it right away so that you and your device are protected from any form of vulnerabilities. However, when it comes to taking a performance hit, this software update has effected it a lot. Melvin Mughal provided a detailed performance breakdown of several tests being run on the iPhone 6.

After updating it to iOS 11.2.2, the iPhone 6 registered more than 50 percent less performance in benchmarking tests, which can only mean that the phone is not going to be performing well when you run the basic of tasks. As stated earlier, Apple publicly revealed that it was slowing down your iPhone to deliver better battery life so if you seek a battery replacement, it will only cost you $29.

If you want a detailed conclusion of Mughal’s findings, they’re given below but just remember that the software update is more important than people are being let on.


All numbers point to the same conclusion: it took a serious hit in performance at every possible level. A lot of benchmark levels show a significant decrease in performance on the iPhone 6 up to 50% on some benchmark levels. Although this is not the best news, this security update is a ‘necessary evil’. It demonstrates a message the security community have reminded us time and time again: security can’t be compromised over performance.

Some have fairly pointed out the results could be influenced by the battery throttling that was exposed last month and confirmed by Apple. That may be a technical correct argument (which has not been proven by vendor benchmark numbers correlated with the Spectre patch). Several other users and reporters mentioned fluctuating benchmarks with some showing no loss of performance but others did (which were already throttled, so Spectre specific).

The bottom line still remains: For $800 people pull out their pockets to spend on these devices, we shouldn’t be bothered with battery or security patching discussions. I’m not sure if an average consumer would agree this being a fair argument for them having a degraded device experience.

I’m also not sure everyone will be happy to pull out another $29 to fix those issues they weren’t responsible for in the first place. I’ll let you be the judge of that for now. The discussion is taking on heat for sure.

As Apple already stated, the iPhone iOS 11.2.2 update is of great security importance. Don’t hesitate to update. The performance change is not worth risking being hacked and bad things from happening as a result.

Better to be safe than sorry.”


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