Peer to peer file-sharing or torrenting is one of the most accepted ways of sharing files on the internet.

By using a BitTorrent protocol, people can download a file available on seeder’s system from the torrent sites. It allows users to download media files like music, movies, games, etc. If you’re an experienced torrent user probably you know that in order to browse the internet anonymously you will require to have the best VPN.

Since outcomes of copyright contravention are rapidly increasing around the world, everyone is looking for a reliable VPN for torrenting to stay secure and safe online.

Nowadays, media companies are strictly keeping eyes on torrent traffic and collecting the IPS of torrent users. Depending on your location, you may receive a legal notice from your internet service provider on behalf of the copyright holders.

So, if you are not using a VPN while torrenting and simply relying on a torrent client, you are at the risk. Your identity can be compromised.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose the best VPN when torrenting. Unfortunately, identifying a good VPN is not a piece of cake as every VPN service claims to be the best.

Don’t worry, in this post, we have put together the list of best VPNs for torrenting that will ensure your identity will stay private. So let’s take a look at them.

Best VPNs for torrenting

1. NordVPN

It is among the most promising VPNs that makes a perfect balance between security and performance. They have approximately 4300 servers across the globe and all are well-optimized for unlimited bandwidth and speed.

NordVPN offers 3 pricing models that you may choose as per your requirements and budget in the standard options.

1 month plan: $11.99 /month
12 months plan: $4.99 /month
24 months plan: $3.09 /month

Seeing the pricing, it would not be wrong to say that the provider comes up really good in terms of pricing. The provider is highly secured as you would not experience issues like DNS leaking.

It uses IPSec VPN protocols for encrypting information and also possess socks 5 proxies. Moreover, unlike other VPNs, it does not convert your data into code but replaces your IP with their own IP. Isn’t it great?

They are also well-compatible with Vuze, BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Skype as well. Very likely, the provider is one of the best VPN for torrenting. Some of its great features are: unlimited bandwidth, double data encryption and shared IP’s.

2. ExpressVPN

It is another popular VPN for torrenting. The provider is based in the British Virgin Islands, renowned for offering blazing fast speed. You can even download large files quite easily. Its servers are located at multiple locations across the globe.

Speaking of security, the provider offers a strong encryption for your data and also supports a wide range of VPN protocols. Moreover, it also supports split tunneling feature for both Windows and Mac.

The biggest advantage of choosing ExpressVPN is that it does not keep any records of connection logs and activity logs. Even you can read it clearly on their privacy policy.

The provider has over 2000 servers across 94 countries. Their servers are optimized to offer robust connection allows endless server switches. It means you can connect to a server of your own choice. In order to secure data, ExpressVPN utilizes 256-bit AES encryption.

The other good thing about ExpressVPN is that it offers round-the-clock customer support, so in case you get any issue you can get instant support.

3. StrongVPN

StrongVPN is headquartered in Texas,  United States and has over 650 servers in 26 countries.

The provider perfectly lives up to its name as it easily manages to bypass restriction from Netflix US  that’s why it is loved by Netflix viewers all around the world. Additionally, it is one of the few providers that support the great firewall of China. People who are more concerned about the privacy will find it a good option.

StrongVPN supports almost all the operating systems such as Mac, Android, Windows even some Wi-Fi routers.

Like all the top-rated VPN services, StrongVPN also uses the advanced encryption standard i.e. 256 bit and IKEV2/IPsec.

4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is being operated by a Swiss company called ProtonVPN AG. Needless to say, Switzerland has the world’s strongest privacy laws so you don’t need to worry about privacy offered by the provider. Moreover, the provider has strict no logging policy, which means your activities will not be recorded.

At present, the provider is running more than 200 servers in more than 28 locations. They have more than 3 million users all around the globe.

ProtonVPN offers a secure core architecture that is capable to prevent surveillance and infiltration by hackers. Speaking of pricing, they are running 4 plans. Their pricing starts at as low as $4/mo and goes up to $24 for a month. With their premium most plan called ‘Visionary’, you can connect up to 10 devices on a single account simultaneously.

5. Private Internet Access

If you’re looking for a cheap yet powerful VPN solution, Private Internet Access can be a good option for you. This ready to go virtual private network supports multiple VPN technologies, including SOCKs5, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec.

Right now, it is running 3 plans. Their basic plan costs $2.91 for a month while for premium plan you will have to pay the monthly bill of $6.95.

The provider lets you connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Like another VPNs service, PIA (Private Internet Access) employs AES-256 bit encryption. However, one thing that may disappoint is that they don’t unblock Netflix.

Wrapping Up

Since media companies are keeping a keen watch on torrent traffic, peer to peer file sharing will be cat and mouse game this year.

Choosing one of the above-mentioned VPNs for torrenting can help you stay safe, secure and private.