10 Best Sites To Read Comics Online For Free in 2024

When it comes to reading comics than some people really love them since they were a kid. But nowadays nobody really buys a comic unless they have a kid at home.

This is because now people feel that buying a comic for them, will really embarrass them in public, as comics are only meant for kids.

But we all know that this is not true. We all should not give up on the urge or wish of reading comics just because of what other people really think.

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So for your rescue, here, in this article we are providing you with the list Best websites to read comics online because reading it in your phone will really save you from all this hassle.

What are online comics?

Well, online comics or digital comics is just the fancy way of reading your favourite comics.

As we mentioned above, some people really feel shy and awkward to buy comics for them in public so here is what the role of an online comic source comes into play.

They provide you with lots of comics that you can read or download at your own ease.

Some pros and cons of Reading comics online:


  • Easy – It’s as easy as reading an online newspaper. You just have to search for the source and you are all set to read.
  • No need to buy a hard comic copy – Yes this is the main reason why Online comics come into play.
  • Ease to Share – You can share your favourite comic to anyone sitting anywhere in this world with social media links.
  • Free from physical storage – It’s obvious that when we buy books or comics we need to spare some space at home for them to store. But when it comes to online comics then either we can read it online or download it in a device which only requires virtual storage.


  • Device Dependent – Online comics concept makes the reader device dependent which means a reader always have to look for the device or the battery percentage. So not to ruin his/her reading experience.
  • Ads and Commercials – The worst part of an online comic source is that they show tons of ads and commercials on content which somehow irritates the reader and also ruins the user’s experience.

TOP 10 Sites To Read Comics Online For Free

1. Read Comics Online

The first on the list is readcomicsonline.ru which is one of the best sources of digital comics or should we say online comics.

The A-Z list with advanced search option really makes it easy for the user to find what he/she intended to and the best part is you will find tons of recent issues from highly popular series such as Star Wars, saga, wicked and divine.

Besides that, the website is appealing for the eyes and you can even find almost any comic you want to read. So in our opinion, you must try it once.

2. View Comic

The next on the list is “ViewComic.com” which is another very popular online comic source.

So if you are looking for some comics-related to Marvel, Image, DC, Vertigo, or any other major publishers then View Comic is surely your thing.

Talking about UI ( User Interface ) of the website, then being very honest with you it’s not even near to above-mentioned option.

But that doesn’t mean the website is bad. View Comic is being around for 5 years and it also has many issues one can enjoy. The books here cover almost everything from mainstream superheroes to obscure books.

3. GetComics

The third on the list is “GetComics.info“. It’s a great place to read Marvel and DC comic books online.

And talking about the demographics then this website really has a very strong audience base.

You will find many issues ranging from big to small publishers and talking about the layout then it has one of the simpler layouts as compared with competitors.

One really interesting thing we found that on GetComics there is no option of an online reader which means you have to first download the comic and then read it.

4. Comixology

The next potential option on our list is “Comixology.com” which is the strongest contender among all.

This website really stands out due it’s simplicity in layout and colour combination.

The website is frequently updated by its admins and you will find lots and lots of interesting issues here.

And the best part is in addition to Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and other big publishers, you’ll find manga, independent releases, and issues from smaller publishers as well.

One more thing we like to tell is that this website also has its own mobile app so don’t forget to try it.

5. DriveThru Comics

The next on the list is “DriveThruComics.com“.

The weird thing about this website is that you won’t find big names such as Marvel or DC here but a large collection of comics with different genres and styles.

Many first few issues are free but if you like the series then you can buy subsequent issues from the store.

Talking about the layout then the website is really very pleasing to the eyes. You can scroll down for more series and search for genres, formats, publishers, and prices to basically narrow down your feed.

Rest you will get used to if you are thinking of this option.

6. Amazon Best Sellers

Yes, you read it right. We are pointing about Amazon Best Sellers. This is because Amazon itself offers the best selling kindle format comics to people and you can download it from there legally ( by this we mean by paying the price ).

The best part about this is that it is being offered by Amazon which is in itself is the well-known brand.

You will get to choose between hundreds of online comics and in addition, you can read the reviews for better decision making.

The only thing you need for this is a kindle device or at least kindle app on your mobile device.

7. ElfQuest

The next on the list is “ElfQuest.com“.

This is an award-winning comic which has been there since the late 1970s. Every issue released before the year 2014 is available for free on the website.

There are also several other series available that are related to the adventures of different characters and story arcs.

Talking about the website then the layout is very appealing to the eyes and also simplifies the search related to series.

So if you are thinking to read it then we insist you to at least visit it once and you won’t regret.

8. Digital Comic Museum

The next on the list is “DigitalComicMuseum.com“.

If you are wondering how digital comic started then you must visit this website.

It has free comics on which you can spend days reading and maybe the titles and characters might not be familiar to you but they are very interesting to read.

One important thing we like to share If you’re looking for modern comic books, you won’t find any here. So spare this website for that.

Apart from this everything about the website is fantastic and you can experience yourself once you are in.

9. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is one the biggest comics library online. You can read comics for free from their free section.

You can head to the section every week and find newer additions to the collection. Most of them offer different language variants including simplified Chinese.

And to read a comic, you will need to sign into a free account. It takes a minute to make so that will be a one-time bother at most.

Along with that, Dark Horse comics offers apps for your smartphone and tablets. So you can read comics on iPad and read them offline.

Some of the most famous original titles from Dark Horse include “Hellboy,” “Sin City,” and “The Umbrella Academy.”

10. The Internet Archive

The last but definitely not the least on our list is “TheInternetArchive.org“.

It literally has tons of free comics to read and talking about the layout then the website has a very appealing one.

There aren’t many mainstream issues here, but you can find some gems (especially if you love manga).

Now, about the best part, then due to the huge collection of the comics and books on the website searching for the particular name of a comic or a character might be your favourite thing to do.

Rest it has millions of visitors every month which tells the story of how much it is popular.


So this was all regarding Best sources to read comics online for free. If you found it useful then do let us know in the comment section below, we would love to hear that.

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Stay tuned for more.

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