As Windows 7 extended support came to an end this year, the developers started retiring the services for Windows 7 in particular.

We are talking about the removal of Windows media player feature from Windows 7 and in fact Windows Media Center from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

As stated by Windows, Microsoft itself has quietly updated a support document on January 26, in which they said the new metadata won’t be updated on media players in Windows 7, which implies to Windows Media Player and Media Center.

Microsoft said that the decision has been made based on “customer’s feedback and data usage”, stating:

Going forward, you may be unable to view information (metadata) such as the title, genre, and artist for songs, and the director, actors, cover art, and TV guide for movies in Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player. After looking at customer feedback and usage data, Microsoft decided to discontinue this service. This means that new metadata won’t be updated on media players that are installed on your Windows device. However, any information that’s already been downloaded will still be available.

Well, it’s important to note that discontinuation of this feature will not affect Windows Media Player on Windows 10. You can use it safely and without any stress.

Furthermore, it also does not affect major functionalities such as playback, navigation, and streaming.

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