15 Best Backpage Alternative Websites To Use In 2024

Were you an active user of the Backpage? Are you scouting for some of the best Backpage alternative websites?

Well, if your answer to these two questions is Yes then this article might help you. In this article, we have listed some of the best Backpage alternatives.

What Is Backpage?

Backpage was one of the most popular classified advertising websites and advertised anything from automobiles to electronics, jobs, events, and buying and selling/reselling of items and was considered one of the greatest rivals to Craigslist.

That said, Backpage also became the largest marketplace for dating and advertising sex workers.

Consequently, in April 2018, the Backpage website was closed down by the United States Department of Justice.

While several sites like Yesbackpage and Bedpage came in to replace it but you can find more sites below.

Best Backpage Alternatives 2024

1. Craigslist

The first best backpage.com substitute on the list is Craigslist. This popular classified advertisements website nicely organizes different categories of ads into different sections like community, services, jobs, housing, for sale, discussion forums, beauty, appliances, pets, and many more.


Unfortunately, Craigslist couldn’t be used as a dating website as adult ads on the website were closed down in 2010. In addition to advertisements, Craigslist contains lots of useful content like tips for avoiding scams and fraud. Craigslist has a user-friendly interface and Backpage users will feel right at home.

One of the most useful features of Craigslist is the search filter system. These filters help you to access information efficiently. Overall, Craigslist is a trustworthy website and it was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995.

Visit Craigslist

2. Facebook MarketPlace

Yes, you read it right! The most popular social media platform Facebook also doubles up as a perfect Backpage replacement site.

Using this top-rated social media platform you can effortlessly buy and sell stuff.

Facebook Buy & Sell

You can search and join different buy and sell groups on Facebook based on your location and area of interest. These groups are located under the Explore menu.

Furthermore, Facebook offers the facility of directly contacting the seller to coordinate your purchase. After joining a group you can even post ads for your product in that group.

Similar to Backpage you can also use Facebook for finding or posting jobs. Overall, Facebook can be considered as one among some of the best Backpage alternatives.

Visit Facebook

3. WallClassifieds

WallClassifieds is the next best substitute for Backpage. You can use WallClassifieds to effortlessly buy and sell stuff.

Different items and services on WallClassifieds are very well segregated into different sections like vehicles, learning, real estate, pets, fitness and much more.


You can purchase items using the city and category filters on this website. There’s a simple button on the homepage of WallClassifieds which can be used for posting a free ad.

As for downsides, WallClassifieds forces users to upgrade to the premium membership by opening the Paypal checkout page.

Overall, WallClassifieds is a great website and it has a very developed UI.

Visit WallClassifieds

4. OkCupid

If you primarily used Backpage as a matchmaking website then OkCupid might be the perfect backpage.com replacement for you.

Once you create an account and put up a good profile photo coupled with an attractive bio on OkCupid you can start swiping through hundreds of profiles.

OkCupid MatchMaking Website

Your profile on OkCupid can be considered as a personal ad on Backpage. Once a mutual connection is established the two people can start texting each other.

In addition to the website, OkCupid is also available as an application for both Android and iOS.

OkCupid suggests different profiles based on your location. Overall, OkCupid can be considered the new Backpage.

Visit OkCupid

If you don’t like OkCupid you can even try Ashley madison.

5. ClassifiedAds

The next best alternative to Backpage on the list is ClassifiedAds. The homepage of this advertising website displays different categories of advertisements like vehicles, services, real estate, pets, jobs, and much more.


The “Personal” section of classified ads offers many sub-categories like casual dating. ClassifiedAds offers detailed instructions on posting advertisements. Overall, ClassifiedAds is a perfect website for posting both personal ads and other categories of ads.

Visit ClassifiedAds

6. Locanto

Locanto is another Backpage replacement site. This free classified advertisement website is available in around 60 countries. Similar to other websites on the list you can post ads on Locanto for various items and services like furniture, jobs, real estate, and automobiles.


Locanto has native Android and iOS applications which may come in handy on the go. In addition to selling and purchasing items and services, Locanto also doubles up as a matrimonial and dating website.

Posting advertisements on Locanto is fairly simple and the entire process hardly takes a minute or so.

Visit Locanto

7. Gumtree

If your primary area of interests is automobiles and property then Gumtree might be the perfect alternative to Backpage for you. After creating an account on Gumtree you can effortlessly post a free classified ad.


On Gumtree you can find a wide variety of items ranging from supercars to a pair of slippers. It is worth noting that, Gumtree is a UK based website and after the shutdown of Backpage, Gumtree gained immense popularity.

As for downsides, Gumtree does not offer personal ads.

Visit Gumtree

8. LetGo

LetGo can be considered as the new Backpage. This popular website is dedicated to buying and selling second-hand items. You can post advertisements for stuff like electronics, vehicles, property, jobs, and even services.

LetGo has a very well-developed UI and it’s easy to navigate as well. Similar to Locanto, LetGo also has its native Android and iOS applications. LetGo displays random advertisements from different categories on its homepage. Once you create an account you can save your favorite listings.

Additionally, LetGo allows users to share advertisements using mainstream social media platforms. Lastly, this Backpage-like website permits users to directly contact the sellers.

Visit LetGo

9. Oodle

Oodle is one of the oldest extractors of Classified Ads. Founded in 2004, this website extracts thousands of results based on your search queries from different websites.

Using Oodle you can compare the pricing of a certain product on different websites. Furthermore, you can even compare different classified websites using Oodle. The UI of Oodle is very basic. Lastly, Oodle also has a partnership program where advertisers can get a listing for their business.

Visit Oodle

10. Classifieds Factor

The next best Backpage equivalent site on the list is Classifieds Factor. This popular website allows users to buy and sell various items and services. Classifieds Factor allows users to post advertisements for free.

That said, you have to spend some money on making sponsored posts.

These sponsored posts are displayed on the homepage of the website. It is worth noting that, you need to do proper registration before making transactions through this site.

Visit Classifieds Factor

11. Bedpage

Bedpage is a perfect alternative to Backpage for anyone who lives in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The UI of this classified services website is similar to that of the Backpage. Defined sections and the ability to post under multiple categories makes Bedpage useful for both sellers and buyers.


It is worth noting that, Bedpage charges a minimum fee of $2 for posting one ad. You can even push your ads to the top of the listings by paying a premium.

Lastly, Bedpage is safe from scammers.

Visit Bedpage

12. YesBackpage

The next best Backpage alternative on the list is YesBackpage. Unlike Bedpage, you can post advertisements for free on YesBackpage. Furthermore, YesBackpage has dedicated sections for adult and dating services.


Presently, YesBackpage is operational in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. The simple and clean UI of YesBackpage is similar to that of the Backpage.

Visit YesBackpage

13. Tinder

If you are on the lookout for casual hookups, dates, and even serious relationships then the popular dating app Tinder will definitely impress you. This Backpage alternative has over 60 million registered accounts. 


Free-to-use features like native smartphone apps and standard messaging help Tinder to stand out from the crowd. 

Visit Tinder

14. Kijiji

If you primarily used Backpage for classified ads and live in Canada then do checkout Kijiji. Using the website you can see classifieds ads or post your own ad. 


This alternative to Backpage has separate sections for jobs, cars, real estate, pets, and much more. 

Visit Kijiji

15. Geebo

Last on the list we have Geebo. Similar to every other Backpage replacement websites on the list Geebo offers a massive collection of ads from more than 100 categories. The well developed interface of the website makes it easier to navigate. 


Furthemore, you can find sheer amount of job listings on the website.

Visit Geebo


What Site Is The New Backpage?

Sadly, there is no new Backpage site. However, you can use yesbackpage.com, bedpage.com, and the above-mentioned sites as alternatives to Backpage.

Why Was Backpage Seized?

On April 6, 2018, Backpage was seized by the FBI due to some illegal matters like human trafficking and prostitution of children.

What is going on with backpage?

After the seizure of the official backpage website by the FBI several clones and similar sites have appeared online to take its place.


So these were some of the best alternatives to Backpage for buying and selling stuff. 

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