Are you scouting for free and reliable alternatives to Einthusan to watch movies? Well, If you are then this article will undoubtedly help you.

As you might know, Einthusan is a famous South Asian film streaming site that is used by millions of users.

Sadly, Einthusan has been accused of redistributing copyrighted content several times. As a result, Einthusan is blocked in numerous countries and regions including India.

While you can still use VPN to unblock Einthusan. It is recommended to use legal Einthusan alternative sites mentioned below to avoid any legal consequences.

NOTE: Please note that this article is for educational purposes only. Downloading and redistributing copyrighted content is an illegal activity. Techworm shall not be responsible for any consequences.

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What Is Einthusan?

As mentioned above, Einthusan is a feature-packed content streaming website that can be used to watch movies online. Since this website hosts a plethora of regional content and South Asian movies, it is very famous in third world countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

You can easily find movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi and Chinese on this website.

Einthusan Hindi movies collection is full of evergreen Bollywood movies.

Full-length feature movies on Einthusan are available in HD quality. Additionally, you can also stream and download high-bitrate audio albums, videos, and music files from Einthusan.

Similar to other mainstream online movie sites, content on Einthusan is very well organized into different categories and sections.

The simple and easy to navigate UI of Einthusan makes the process of searching and filtering movies a breeze.

Is Einthusan Legal?

The official website of Einthusan i.e. clearly states that “Our library consists of over 4000+ legally licensed content from 9 regional languages of India.” Additionally, Einthusan strives to continually acquire new films for expanding its userbase and to offer the latest content to its existing users.

Is Einthusan Legal

However, Einthusan has been accused of hosting copyrighted content several times. As a result, the Government of India has permanently banned this content streaming website.

Einthusan acquires a majority of its revenue through video and banner ads. Moreover, Einthusan doesn’t pay anything to acquire legal content.

Is Einthusan Free?

Yes, Einthusan is a free to use content streaming website. You can watch anything on Einthusan without paying a penny. That said, If you want to enjoy movies without annoying advertisements then you can create an account and pay a one-time fee. Later, you can use your credentials for logging-in to your Einthusan account on any device.

The one-time fee for getting Einthusan subscription is 25 USD.

Is There An Einthusan App?

Einthusan App

Sadly, there’s no official Einthusan app for Android or iOS. However, you can easily find many unofficial and fraudulent Einthusan applications on Google Playstore.

We advise our readers to stay away from such fraud apps as they can cause harm to smartphones and the data stored on these smartphones.

Best Einthusan Alternatives

1. YouTube


Yes, you read it right YouTube is one of the best free and legal alternative to Einthusan. You can effortlessly find and stream numerous Hindi and regional movies on the world’s largest online video-sharing platform and that too in 4K resolution.

The full-length movies on YouTube are generally uploaded by the official channels of several film production companies who own the copyrights of the movie. Additionally, different movie-based YouTube channels acquire legal content and upload it on their channel.

As for the downside, not every movie that you want to watch is available on YouTube. That said if you willing to spare some money then you can either directly purchase or rent a movie on YouTube.

Visit YouTube

2. Hotstar


Since it’s advent in 2015, Hotstar has gained immense popularity in South Asian countries like India. Hotstar boasts 100,000 hours of TV shows and movies in several regional languages. Additionally, Hotstar also doubles up as a live sports event streaming service.

Unlike, Einthusan Hotstar has its native Android and iOS applications. Content on Hotstar is updated on a regular basis and a majority of movies and TV shows on this platform are free to watch. That said, you can unlock more content by subscribing to Hotstar Premium.

Hotstar Premium now tied up with disney+ hosts many latest American TV shows, Hollywood movies, and exclusive Originals.

Visit Hotstar

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3. Amazon Prime Video

The next alternative to Einthusan doesn’t offer free content but its monthly subscription worthy. Amazon Prime Video can be used on smartphones, PC, smart TVs, and streaming sticks. The content library of Amazon Prime Video is much bigger in comparison to that of Einthusan.


Amazon Prime Video allows users to download content for offline viewing. Just like Einthusan Tamil, Movies and TV shows on this content streaming service are very well segregated into different sections and there’s a dedicated section for Kids as well.

You can easily find an extensive collection of regional content in Tamil and Telugu language on Prime Video.

Visit Amazon Prime Video

4. YuppTV

YuppTV is a free alternative to Einthusan and similar to Einthusan you can find Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada movies on this platform. It is worth noting that, YuppTV offers 90 days of free trial and after the expiration of free trial you can get the monthly subscription to continue using this service.


Movies on YuppTV are organized into different genres like action, drama, romance, comedy, and many more. If you generally watch free South Indian movies then YuppTV won’t disappoint you.

Lastly, you can also enjoy TV shows and Live TV channels on YuppTV.

Visit YuppTV

5. Voot

Voot is another Indian subscription video-on-demand service that offers more than 40,000 hours of video content. You can stream TV shows from channels like MTV, Nickelodeon, and Colors on Voot.


Furthermore, Voot hosts a vast collection of Hindi movies and some exclusive content. Voot has a very clean and easy to navigate UI. Apart from Bollywood movies VOOT also offers a decent collection of regional movies.

Visit Voot

6. SonyLIV

As its name suggests, SonyLIV is a Sony-owned and operated movie and live TV streaming website with a massive collection of Hindi and South Indian movies. All sorts of movies on SonyLIV are very well organized in different sections like drama, action, comedy, romance, horror and much more.


SonyLIV also hosts many live TV channels that can be used for watching the news and TV serials. Moreover, you can even enjoy an extensive collection of sports-based content like WWE on SonyLIV.

Overall, the movie catalog of SonyLIV is bigger than that of Einthusan.

Visit SonyLIV

7. Netflix

As you might know, Netflix is not a free content streaming service but if you are a new user you can use Netflix free of cost for one month. Once the one month trial period expires you have to purchase a Netflix subscription.


Similar to other Einthusan alternatives, Netflix offers a humongous collection of movies and TV shows. However, original TV series, documentaries, and movies help Netflix to standout from the crowd. Netflix offers blazing fast streaming speeds and the service can be used on smartphones, PC, smart TVs, and streaming sticks.

Visit Netflix

How Do I Watch Movies On Einthusan?

You can watch movies on Einthusan by visiting its official website i.e.

As mentioned earlier, you can stream movies on Einthusan free of cost. Einthusan relies on a web browser for its proper functioning. As a result, any modern-day device that can run a web browser can be used to watch south Indian movies on Einthusan.

How To Watch Einthusan Through VPN?

If you don’t want to rely on Einthusan alternatives then a trustworthy VPN service might resolve your problem. A VPN service will help you in changing your virtual location to a country where Einthusan is not restricted.

In addition to changing your virtual location, a VPN will also help you to stay secure while consuming content on Einthusan.

If you are confused as to which VPN service will be best for you, then do check out our list of the Best VPNs for streaming online movies.

Is Einthusan A Safe Website?

In spite of being a 100% pirated site with painful advertisements, Einthusan is a safe website. However, we advise our readers to stay aware of fishy advertisements on this platform. You can get the Einthusan subscription for $25 and remove advertisements.

Einthusan Kodi Addon

Lastly, Einthusan also has its native Kodi Addon which can be downloaded from the Reasons Kodi repository. Once downloaded, you can enjoy movies from Einthusan on your Kodi system with much ease.

Einthusan Login

As mentioned earlier, Einthusan is a free content streaming service, and there’s no need to create an account to use it. However, if you want to get rid of the advertisements on this platform, you have to create an Einthusan account and pay a one time fee of $25. Once your account is created, simply use your email ID and password to log in.

Einthusan Downloader

As you might know, the internet is full of fraudulent websites. Many websites claim to be Einthusan downloader and offer Einthusan downloader links. In reality, not all of them are legit. We advise our readers to beware of these websites. 

Einthusan App

Sadly, there’s no official Einthusan app for Android or iOS. As of now, Einthusan can only be accessed through its website. However, you can easily find many unofficial and fraudulent Einthusan applications on Google Playstore.


Is Einthusan legal?

While the official site of Einthusan claims to be legal it has previously come into backlash over-sharing pirated content.

Is Einthusan free?

Einthusan has two plans, the free plan includes advertisements while the paid plan does not show any advertisement.

Is there an Einthusan app?

No, there is no official Einthusan app


So these were some of the best Eithusan alternatives that are worth checking out.

Do share any of your personal recommendations for free Enthusan alternatives in the comments section below.


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