Microsoft Teases Windows 10’s New Start Menu

Microsoft gave a sneak-peek into Windows 10’s Start Menu redesign by posting a set of photos on the Microsoft 365 Facebook page.

The images uploaded to the Facebook page celebrate LGBTQI+ inclusion and equity with a new special edition Pride theme for Windows that has a stylish purple gradient with traces of blue and orange on certain backgrounds. 

The new Start Menu is now much sleeker and cleaner with a translucent background and new Fluent Design-style icons.  

The images also confirm that Live Tiles are still very much part of the design, and the Live Tiles backgrounds will match your Windows 10 theme of choice (light or dark) and no longer be determined by the app color. 

Further, when the Live Tiles are switched off by the user, the Start Menu will show new ‘Fluent Design’ icons with a translucent background instead of the solid blocks of color that Live Tiles currently show for each dedicated app when turned off.

Also, icons on the left of the Start Menu will be placed next to their names instead of sitting inside the blocks. In addition, users will be able to disable animated effects that are replaced by static icons. Further, the items on the App list are also no longer surrounded by blocks of colour.

Currently, there is no set date for when the new Start Menu will be added to Windows 10. However, with Microsoft freely teasing images of the new Window 10 Start Menu suggests that the revamp could happen later this year or sometime in 2021. 

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Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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