Popular Indian roaster and streamer on YouTube, Ajey Nagar, aka CarryMinati is the latest victim of the ongoing BitCoin hack scandal.

The hack happened on the second channel of CarryMinati, which goes by the name of CarryisLive, where he streams himself playing video games, often with other YouTubers and celebrities.

Just a week ago in a similar incident, Twitter accounts of several renowned celebrities were hacked to promote the Bitcoin scam.

YouTube has been at the receiving end of similar hacks for years now, with several YouTube channels getting hacked regularly to promote similar cryptocurrency scams.

What Happened?

The hackers live-streamed 3 videos, in which they asked for BitCoin & Ethereum donation with a changed description of the streaming videos, different from the usual ones we see on the channel.

carryislive hacked

Coming to the crux of the matter, the first videos was titled “Ethereum Earning Call,” claiming to give away “free Bitcoin & Ethereum.

The second video was titled “Tesla Cybertruck Earnings Call | $TSLA Q2 Earnings Report News Live”

carryminati hacked

And the third video was titled “CHARITY STREAM: HELP ASSAM & BIHAR,” which is similar to a real stream done by CarryMinati a few days back, for the benefit of flood-affected people in the eastern states of India.

CarryMinati’s reaction

CarryMinati was quick to take cognizance of the matter and asked YouTube India on Twitter for assistance.


Twitter is Exploding

Social media, mainly Twitter is exploding with #carryminati hashtag, where fans are continuously posting about the hack, as more details are awaited on the topic.

Consequently, after the early morning drama, the scam videos streamed on Carryislive are not on the channel anymore, along with the display picture appearing as empty for now.


Update – 25-07-2020, 6:30 PM

CarryMinati has announced about the recovery of his second YouTube channel while giving credit to YouTube India’s support. The 21-year-old Indian YouTube star says that he doesn’t have any idea about who was behind the hack.


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