“RIP Ellen” Hoax Trending On Twitter, Viral On Social Media

World-renowned TV show host and comedian, famous for her chat show, Ellen Degeneres has become the latest victim of the death hoax on social media, especially Twitter.

#RipEllen is trending on Twitter since last night. The reason behind it could not be ascertained behind the hashtag trending.


The 86th Oscar host is seeing a gradual decrease in her show’s ratings for her running entertainment show, and many are speculating the state of her mental health.

Official Response from Ellen or the Team

There has been no response from Ellen’s personal account or the team on the sudden death hoax trending on social media.

Another day in the Office for Tinfoil Hats Conspiracy Theorists 

The tinfoil brigade has started floating around conspiracy theories about her alleged death, linking it to her falling off the roof.

The news of her falling off the roof is entirely fake, and there has been no mention of it anywhere on the Internet.

Reason behind the Death hoax?

Ellen Degeneres has been under heavy criticism in recent times due to her allegedly wicked scenes with her staff on the once top-rated chat show.

This has come as a rude shock to her fans, amongst whom her amicable persona has charmed many on the center stage.

This is a developing story. We wait for further confirmation on the story from the official sources on the subject. Watch out this space as the story develops.

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Amaan Rizwan
Amaan Rizwan
Anything and everything because titles should not define us. A non-fiction lover. Khalid Hosseini and Ruskin Bond fan. Aspiring to be better than yesterday.


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