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Nintendo Switch is the only mainstream gaming console that can be used handheld and docked when required.

Thanks to its processing power, graphic intensive games like Let’s Go Pikachu, Link’s Awakening, Mario Kart, and many more run smoothly.

The immense popularity of Nintendo Switch has fuelled the development of numerous Switch emulators. Out of these only are few are worthy of the title of best Nintendo Switch emulator.

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Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC

Here we have shared the two most feature-packed emulators for Nintendo Switch that can be installed on a Windows 10 or Linux PC.

Using these emulators you can play Switch games that you have previously purchased in physical form.

1. Yuzu – An Advanced Switch Emulator

Yuzu has been in existence for more than three years now. This open-source GPLv2 licensed emulator is written in C++ and emulates the essential hardware components of Nintendo Switch.

Yuzu Emulator

The developers of Yuzu have heavily focused on optimizing popular games. As a result, not every game runs perfectly fine but mainstream titles like the entire Pokemon franchise, Mario Maker 2, Odyssey, and many more can be played flawlessly.

You can even check out the Game Compatibility List that is officially provided by YuZu.

Some noteworthy features of Yuzu are,

  • Two supported graphic modes – OpenGL and Vulkan(experimental)
  • Available for both Windows and Linux
  • Local and online multiplayer availability (The online multiplayer featured has been disabled for the time being)
  • Ability to set up and use multiple profiles
  • Different user-interface themes- Dark, light, midnight blue, etc.


2. Ryujinx – Another Great Emulator

Next on the list and a perfect alternative to Yuzu is Ryujinx. Reliability, excellent performance, and regularly increasing game support are the primary reasons why we included Ryujinx in the best Nintendo Switch pc emulator programs on the internet list.


Similar to Yuzu, Ryujinx is completely free and open-source. However, it’s written in C#. A majority of commercial games like Animal Crossing New Horizons or Mario Kart are playable on Ryujinx.

In comparison to Yuzu, Ryujinx is much simpler to use and set up. The developers claim that they are continuously working to provide ‘excellent accuracy and performance, a user-friendly interface, and consistent builds.’

Some noteworthy features of Ryujinx are,

  • Anisotropic filtering is enabled by default in auto mode
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Local online multiplayer support

Download Ryujinx

3. Android Nintendo Switch Emulator

Recently, an Android Nintendo Switch Emulator managed to gather some hype. While testing, the emulator ran some mainstream titles like Pokemon Sword, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Super Mario Odyssey without any problem.

However, the emulator is only compatible with devices that are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855/855+/865/865+ flagship SoCs.


Unfortunately, there are many serious issues associated with this emulator. For instance, violates the MIT open-software license. The developers claim that the emulator can run 81 titles. However, 73 of those crash either while playing or while navigating the in-game menu.

Furthermore, you have to purchase the 99.00 USD Nintendo Switch-style remotes for using this emulator on your device.

Due to the aforementioned problems, we are not disclosing the name and download link of this emulator.


So these were some of the best Nintendo Switch emulators that are worth checking out. If you have any recommendations then feel free to share them in the comments section below.