After being sued by DISH Network for breaching the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA many mainstream sports streaming websites ‘SportsBay’ have gone offline.

With over nine million visitors per month, SportsBay is one of the most popular among the bunch.

In addition to, the other websites that are in danger include,, and

These websites were offering free broadcasts of Olympics, NBA matches, NFL games, cricket, and motorsports.

In this article, we have shared the five best legal alternatives of SportsBay.

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Best SportsBay Alternatives



If you are a resident of the USA then ESPN is the best SportsBay alternative for you. Using ESPN you can watch both live sports streams and replays. Furthermore, ESPN broadcasts every popular sporting event.

ESPN also offers detailed updates about ongoing sports events.

2. Fox Sports


The next best alternative to SportsBay is Fox Sports. Similar, to ESPN, Fox Sports broadcasts every major sports league. Different sports or games have a dedicated section on Fox Sports.

Fox Sports offers reliable streaming speeds and the quality of videos is impressive as well.

3. Yahoo Sports


Yahoo Sports is not exactly a sports streaming website but you can use the platform to stay updated about different sports. Yahoo Sports offers regularly updated scores for various international sports events like NFL, NBA, Golf, and many more.

4. Facebook Watch


Yes, you read it right, your favorite social media platform also doubles up as a free live sports streaming site. Sadly, all the sports and every single event on Facebook. To watch a sports event on Facebook search for it and then open the videos section. Lastly, press the Live button in the source filter.

5. BBC iPlayer


Last on the list we have BBC iPlayer. This SportsBay alternative is 100% legal and many important events are available for free. Do note that BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK. So you have to rely on a VPN for hiding your IP.


So these were some of the best Sportsbay alternatives that are worth checking out. Do share your recommendations in the comments section below.