10 Most Unbiased News Sources in 2024 (Factual & Reliable)

Most of us have an unquenchable thirst for news content available in multiple forms. It is no surprise, either, because listening to news forms our opinions, worldviews, and understanding of what happens around us.

The Internet is full of news sources that are full of hoaxes, politically motivated content, state-sponsored news, news controlled by corporations, Clickbaits, and fake stories.

Moreover reporters these days are beings forced by media agencies, news outlets, and their editors to report in a way that increases TRP and views, doesn’t matter if a few things don’t go on to explain things properly.

Due to the same reason, we need to consume information from unbiased news sources that report factual news.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 best-unbiased news sources you can rely online on to read the news. These news sources have websites and apps for Android and iOS devices.

We have selected all these publications based on broad criteria. For instance, the news sources on this list have been in the journalism industry for years.

They have also scored considerably high in studies and surveys concerning unbiasedness.

These news sites are popular globally including, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, etc.

Most Unbiased New Sources

1. Associated Press

Associated Press - Unbiased News

The Associated Press is a New York-based news agency that believes in independent journalism. The news source brings reports from across the globe, making it a definitive platform to know about everything. You can see that the Associated Press website does not involve click-bait or controversial headlines.

Instead, the news agency remains maximum neutrality while reporting. It is also one of the few news sources with no political inclination. Therefore, even while reading about sensitive topics like politics, you can get an unbiased experience from the AP.

Studies have proven that the Associated Press follows a fact-driven reporting and writing style. It stays away from generalizations, thereby focusing on specifics. In addition, the use of neutral language makes the AP a reliable news source.

2. Reuters

Reuters News

Reuter is one of the most trusted news sources and a leading name in the journalism industry. As you can guess, this news source does not use click-bait or manipulative headlines. On the other hand, it tells you precisely what you will read.

Because it has been a part of the international news culture, Reuters has become the gold standard of classy reporting and unbiasedness. Reuters has kept its comprehensive reporting style even while handling topics like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Reuters does not have an ideological bias, unlike some other news publications. It means you can use it as a source for your regular news consumption. You can see that many national newspapers gather news reports from Reuters, which has an ever-expanding global network.

3. BBC News

BBC News - Unbiased News

BBC, which stands for British Broadcasting Corporation, is another reliable source for unbiased news. It has been an industry leader and offers journalistic coverage across the globe. Even though it is not based in the United States, BBC news covers the different aspects of US politics.

The news source goes the extra mile to increase the overall integrity of reportage. For instance, you can find a ‘reality check’ section that will fact-check ‘popular’ news articles and debunk them if necessary. BBC News is also known for publishing worth-reading content.

Apart from being unbiased, BBC news is also a great source of vital information. For instance, since the start of COVID-19, the publication has offered reliable information to its readers. You can also find a lot of human-interest stories on the platform.

4. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is another name you can trust when you need factual reporting and representation. Since its inception, the WSJ has been a source for all sorts of reports. However, this publication seems to have a greater edge while covering the financial sector.

Even though corporate ownership is another part of the story, WSJ does not let political inclination affect publishing. The news source also takes a somewhat neutral approach in writing. Therefore, you may not find many controversial reports here.

Nevertheless, the content published by WSJ on all platforms adheres to strict ethical and editorial policies. Even their reviews, where a pinch of personal bias would not hurt, are known to be as unbiased as possible in the long run.

5. Bloomberg

Bloomberg News

Another popular news source, Bloomberg, is also based in New York City. Since its start in 1981, Bloomberg has delivered the news, data, analysis, and video content. In recent years, Bloomberg has also enhanced its video coverage.

Bloomberg is an unbiased news platform that you cannot ignore regarding the market analysis. It offers a number of business-class services as well. It means Bloomberg excels as a software company, offering a set of advanced options.

You can count on Bloomberg reports if you want to know more about commodities, stocks, EFTs, currencies, etc. It also offers impressive coverage on crypto and wealth options. By the way, Bloomberg has a unique space for opinions as well.

6. New York Times

New York Times

The New York Times is another comprehensive news platform that you can trust. It has been a great source for all things news for several decades. However, unlike the AP and Reuters, coverage from New York Times is often considered a bit left-leaning.

However, it should not stop you from considering the NY Times as a great source. Because of the ethics policy that the publication follows, the reports are checked for facts and specifics. It is also one of the leaders in independent journalism.

The New York Times seems to have an edge in the newspaper sector. It is yet to expand to the video content sector, but it will not be late. Over 170 years, the publication has won 132 Pulitzer Prizes, indicating its journalistic etiquette and the talent pool inside.

Other Unbiased News Sources



C-SPAN, which stands for the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network, is another neutral news source for all the major events in the United States. You can count on its political coverage, including live streams and in-detail reports.

It is a non-profit initiative which was created by the cable television industry. It is funded by a fee paid by cable and satellite television providers, and it does not receive any government funding.

C-SPAN provides live and recorded coverage of congressional proceedings, as well as other public affairs programming such as White House press briefings and political events.

8. NPR

NPR News

National Public Radio is a great news source in the United States. However, like the New York Times, it has been labeled left-leaning. On the bright side, NPR offers a broad spectrum of content, especially on culture and arts.

It was created in 1970, following the passage of the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, which established the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) as the primary source of funding for public radio and television.

9. Forbes

Forbes Unbiased News

Forbes is not a traditional news source in that it has certain reservations. However, if you like to stay updated on the science and tech sectors, you should check out Forbes. It offers a variety of market analysis content as well.

It also features annual lists of the wealthiest people and the most successful companies, as well as profiles of successful individuals and organizations.

10. NBC News

NBC News

Although owned by the corporate, NBC News is a trustworthy news source in the United States. Some of its reports favor the left political ideology, but you get facts, nevertheless. This news outlet is very strict when it comes to an ethical framework.

What Is an Unbiased News Source?

We are talking about publications with journalistic integrity, ethics, and a fact-based reporting style.

We will not lie; the internet is filled with fake news, manipulated narratives, and questionable reporting. Therefore, you may have trouble finding the best unbiased news publications.

Unbiased News Sources FAQs

What is the most reliable form of news?

There are multiple opinions on this matter, but many studies underline that newspapers are the most reliable form of news. First, newspapers get a sufficient amount of time to fact-check and refine content before they publish.

Second, there is little to no pressure to sensationalize the content. Many surveys conducted in the United States also confirm this idea.

How to know if your news is unbiased?

An unbiased news source will have a few unique characteristics. For instance, it will use more facts instead of arguments. Similarly, you can find sources to confirm what is published.

The news source should not have any moral or political bias either. For instance, there is a reason why Fox News is not on the list of top news sources.

Are there any unbiased newspapers?

Yes, unbiased newspapers definitely exist. The best example would be the New York Times, which often gets a little criticism for being left-leaning. Nevertheless, the platform does not make changes to what is being published.

More importantly, newspapers like the New York Times follow a strict reporting ethics framework to keep things streamlined.

The most popular news sites in the United States of America on the basis of traffic are PBS News, CBS News, and NPR.

The most popular news sites in the UK are DailyMail, The Guardian, and BBC.

The most popular news sources in Australia are nine.com.au, news.com.au, and ABC News.

The most popular news sources in Canada are CTV News, CBS News, and Daily Hive.

The most popular news sources in India are the Times of India, DD News, and Zee News.


We believe our list of the top unbiased news sources helps you get reliable news content on all matters.

Have a look out for fake news that is often difficult to identify in the wave of different unverified sources. Always look for credible and verified sources for every piece of news, and remember that social media posts don’t always count.

Along with that, we have chosen these publications based on multiple studies and popularity indexes. So, rest assured, you can be confident about what you read or consume from these news sources.


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