Sony Honda Mobility has plans to integrate more entertainment in the form of PlayStation 5 (PS5) in future electric cars in order to take on the likes of Tesla.

For those unaware, Sony Honda Mobility is a joint venture between Sony and Honda in the electric vehicle market, which was established in September.

Speaking to theĀ Financial Times, Izumi Kawanishi, President and COO of Sony Honda Mobility, said that they are planning to develop an electric car around music, movies, and the PlayStation 5.

“Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla …Tesla is not providing any content services,” Kawanishi told the FT.

Further, Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said that adding a PS5 to vehicles is “technologically possible” but it will take time to evolve to achieve their vision.

Kawanishi said that the company is aiming to launch its first car model with entertainment content in North America by 2025.

“To enjoy the space in your car, you have to make it a space where you don’t need to drive. The solution for this is autonomous driving,” added Kawanishi.

“We will develop a car as hardware that will cater to the entertainment and network we would like to offer”.


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