These Three-Letter Were Crashing Safari For iPhone Users

Some iPhone and iPad users appeared to be experiencing a nosy bug in the Safari browser app that caused it to crash when they entered select three-letter terms into the search bar of Safari. However, Apple has rolled out a server-side update to fix the bug in its Safari.

According to multiple reports, select three-letter words such as “tar,” “bes,” “wal,” “wel,” “old,” “sta,” “pla,” and others were crashing the Safari app, as noted by MacRumors.

Apparently, these terms appear to be the first three letters of “Walmart” or “Starbucks” or “Best Buy” or “Target” and others. Safari did not let users go beyond these first three letters without further input, or when a space was entered before the browser app crashed immediately.

While it is unclear what was causing the problem, not all users were affected by the bug. Only those running iOS 15.7.1, ?iOS 16?, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1, and the iOS 16.2 beta seem to be affected.

Affected users took to Twitter to express their concern:

While Apple has resolved the issue, if you still are facing the crashing of the Safari browser app on iPhone and iPad, you can try the following:

  • Download an alternate internet browser from the App Store
  • Change your search engine of choice via Safari’s settings

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