Counter Strike 2 is here : How to Get Invited?

The prayers have been answered for all the for Counter-Strike enthusiasts, including me, that have been grinding in the game for a couple of years now. The introduction of skins revolutionized the trading ecosystem while nerf of the in-game guns every now and then kept gamers on their toes.

Today it takes a leap forward as Valve finally reveals Counter-Strike 2, which would be a giant step forward for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CSGO).

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test has commenced for a select group of CS:GO players. Throughout this testing phase, the company plans to assess a specific set of features in order to identify and resolve any problems prior to the global launch.

The Counter-Strike 2 release date has been set to summer in the US, which is around May. Till then, we can work on getting the limited test which is currently invite-only.

How to get Counter-Strike 2 invite?

First of all, the selection of players for the Counter-Strike 2 test is determined by several factors that the development team considers significant. These include (but are not limited to) recent playtime on Valve’s official servers, trust factor, and the standing of their Steam account.

Just keep an eye on your CSGO’s menu and you will receive a banner soon just like this. You will click on Enroll and then a 15 GB update will be downloaded, which can be tracked in the Steam downloads.

Counter-Strike 2 invite

How to get CS2 Invite Now?

While there is no officially shared way to get Counter Strike 2 faster, professional CS players, including Karrigan, are finding that verifying integrity has helped in getting CS2 limited testing invite.

Here is how you can verify the integrity of the CSGO files to possibly get an invite for Counter-Strike 2.

  1. Head to your Steam account’s library. We right-clicked on the icon in taskbar for it.
  2. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and then right-click to access properties.
  3. Now head to Local Files and click verify integrity of game files. Your CSGO files stored on the local storage will be verified and it will take anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes, depending upon which kind of storage you use, such as NVMe, standard SSD, or a platter-based hard disk.

This should get you a Counter-Strike 2 invite or at least make you eligible for it.

What will happen to my CSGO Skins and Items?

Transition your entire CS: GO inventory to Counter-Strike 2. You will retain every item accumulated over time, and each will be enhanced by Source 2 lighting and materials.

Besides accommodating traditional models and finishes, all standard weapons have received high-resolution model upgrades, with some weapon finishes utilizing these improved models.

What’s in store on Counter Strike 2?

  • Gameplay – Smoke has gained the capability to engage with other gameplay occurrences, opening up fresh possibilities. Bullets and HE grenades can temporarily disperse smoke, offering short-lived visibility or increased concealment.
    Smoke now flows through open doorways and shattered windows, cascades up and down staircases, and spreads along extended corridors, merging with other smoke sources.
  • Reacts to Lightning – In Counter-Strike 2, smoke particles interact with the realistic lighting system, enabling a more authentic representation of light and color.
  • No more Tick Rate – At the core of Counter-Strike 2 are sub-tick updates. In the past, servers assessed the world at distinct time intervals, known as ticks. With the introduction of Counter-Strike 2’s sub-tick update framework, servers can pinpoint the precise moment when movement commences, a shot is taken, or a grenade is hurled.
    Consequently, no matter the tick rate, your actions—be it moving, shooting, or tossing grenades—will be consistently responsive, and your grenades will consistently follow the same trajectory.
  • Touchstone maps – Classics veteran maps with strong foundations enable players to assess gameplay alterations transitioning from CS:GO to Counter-Strike 2. While these maps showcase enhancements in lighting and character visibility, they remain mostly unaltered in other aspects.

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