6 Innovative Companies That Are Set to Spearhead the IoT Evolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the transformative technologies of the 21st Century.

It has changed the way businesses operate and has brought various conveniences to households and individuals.

It has created a new industry that still has a lot of possibilities for it. As the technology evolves, new use cases or applications are bound to emerge, which also leads to the creation of new needs.

Here are six innovative companies that are set to lead the evolution of the Internet of Things. From one company that aims to make IoT devices secure from the get-go to another that aids organizations in establishing a seamless IoT ecosystem, it’s fair to say that the future of IoT looks promising.

1. Sternum – Empowering IoT Device Security

The use of more IoT devices is often equated to more cyber threats since every IoT device is a potential vulnerability. These low-resource devices cannot have their own security apps due to their limited storage and processing power.

Sternum addresses this problem with its IoT security platform. They bring runtime application self-protection (RASP) and extended detection and response (XDR) to IoT devices under a single platform. 

Sternum serves as an end-to-end platform that allows IoT device makers to secure their products without having to install individual security apps on each device.

Serving as an agentless on-device solution, it features a patented embedded integrity verification system designed to deterministically stop exploits. This makes it a good solution to address software supply chain attacks aimed at vulnerable libraries and third-party code. It is capable of mitigating not only known attacks but also zero-day threats. Its combination of security and monitoring in a single platform makes it truly unique.

2. Particle – Unleashing the Full Potential of IoT Ecosystems through “IoT Platform as a Service”

Disparate: this succinct description explains why it is difficult to bring various connected devices together. Different devices from different manufacturers are not inherently integrable to work in a unified way that makes it easy to monitor and manage.

This disparity problem sees its possible end with Particle, an integrated IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that simplifies the process of managing connected products to maximize their potential in optimizing operations.

Particle is a full-stack solution to bring together IoT software and hardware seamlessly. It does not only address connectivity and scalability concerns. It also addresses security issues. Particle provides an easy-to-reprogram and reconfigures platform to suit specific use cases in a wide range of applications. The program also helps IoT manufacturers in accelerating their product launches through SDKs, APIs, and robust documentation.

3. Arundo – Converting Industrial Data Collected through IoT Into Business Value

IoT devices are excellent means of collecting data across different aspects of business operations. The problem is that many organizations fail to take full advantage of the data gathered, as they do not know how to compile the data and how to make sense of all the loads of information.

Arundo offers solutions for this challenge with its off-the-shelf business software tools designed to harness industrial data into useful information and business ideas.

Arundo has a set of software solutions for industrial data capture, equipment lifecycle management, and data detection, extraction, and labeling.

These software tools help organizations improve their asset uptime, maximize equipment efficiency, raise productivity, and improve sustainability.

They are built to work in any industry or setting and are designed to easily integrate with existing IT environments. Arundo offers a tech stack that facilitates industrial analytics and supports the creation of digital twin representations of real-world assets.

4. Latent AI –  Improving the Efficiency of Edge AI Workloads

IoT devices can be used to collect data to be used in training AI models. This data usually goes through edge devices, where it is processed and sorted before it is fed to a machine learning system.

This process, however, usually does not proceed as seamlessly and easily as desired. There are challenges such as accuracy losses, inconsistencies, inference speed degradation, and poor scalability.

Latent AI offers a solution to make the process more efficient, enabling optimized and secure machine learning operations (MLOps). It provides a software development kit (SDK) called the Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP) to automate the MLOps pipeline while optimizing edge models at scale.

This SDK is designed to integrate with existing processes to accelerate the building of AI models with a scalable and repeatable framework.

5. Infraspeak – Smart Maintenance Management Aided by IoT Devices

Facility management nowadays employs IoT devices to gather data about the condition of facilities and provide control or management functions.

The systems used to do all of these are usually bespoke or customized to the specific needs of an organization, which are not necessarily bad but can be problematic once organizations need to scale up for broader operations.

Infraspeak sees this challenge and offers what it calls an intelligent maintenance management platform (IMMP). This platform simplifies the management of facilities, teams, as well as software or apps in various hardware.

It also adds the ability to automate various tasks and optimize resource allocation to ensure maximum efficiency. Infraspeak is designed for various industries, including healthcare, HVAC, education, retail, power generation and distribution, lifts and elevators, HIVAC, and hospitality.

6. Vates – IoT Software Design Prototyping to Ensure Market Readiness

Vates is a custom software development, app testing, and IT consulting company that is one of the few that understand the need for end-to-end IoT system development solutions.

As more companies engage in IoT product manufacturing, it is inevitable for competition to tighten. This results in the need to offer unique products or at least something significantly better than what others are offering.

Vates provides a vast range of IoT services, from development to full systems integration. They offer innovative solutions for everything from small project components to full multi-platform solutions.

The Takeaway

The Internet of Things is still far from reaching its peak. There are still many more possibilities for it. The innovative companies listed above demonstrate how there are still more use cases to explore and benefits to take advantage of.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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