How To Create Your Own WhatsApp link?

Looking to get a shortened link to your WhatsApp number?

WhatsApp officially allows you to create your own WhatsApp link or to chat with a person without saving his number on your phone’s address book by using the Click to Chat feature.

Here, all you just need to do is just add the number of the person to a shortened link, and can open his WhatsApp profile on both phone or WhatsApp web and start chatting instantly.

Type your number with international code in the <number> area of the link provided below and copy and paste it into the URL bar<number>

Note: do not add any brackets, zeros, or dashes (-)

for eg; if 224xx is your number and your international code is +91

Then your WhatsApp link will look like

Beware of any third-party websites or apps that advertise to create short WhatsApp links as they are not officially from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business allows business owners to share shortened links to their accounts to enable customers to chat with them directly using a secure chat.

To create a short link using the Whatsapp business app follow the steps below:

Tap Settings or 3 dots> Business tools

Tap 3 dots> Short Link.

Tap the Short link to view the auto-generated link.

Now you can tap to copy the link or use the share button to directly share it. you can even create a message template or default message by tapping on the edit button (pencil button)

So this is how you can create a link for any WhatsApp number and can click to chat without having to open the WhatsApp mobile app or WhatsApp web.

You will no longer be required to save the user’s number to your phone book to have to chat with them if you use these WhatsApp links.

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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