Google Workspace May Release ‘Business’ And ‘Enterprise’ Plans

Google is reportedly working on adding two new AI subscription plans for its customers, which will allow Google Workspace business customers access to the company’s new Gemini AI model, and enterprise-grade data protection.

A leaked upcoming changelog discovered by Dylan Roussei of 9to5Google and TestingCatalog.eth suggests that new subscription plans, called “Gemini Business” and “Gemini Enterprise,” will give Workspace customers access to the Gemini 1.0 Ultra model.

“The new Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plan to give Google Workspace customers access to one of Google’s most capable AI models, 1.0 Ultra in Gemini, and enterprise-grade data protection. Administrators can manage Gemini settings via the Google Workspace admin console. The Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans are available and optimized in English in over 100 countries and territories,” the changelog states.


Major highlights from the leaked changelog suggests that Workspace customers will get “enterprise-grade data protections” and Gemini settings in the Google Workspace Admin console where administrators can manage and customize the chatbot for their organization. Further, Workspace users can “use Gemini confidently at work” while also “trusting that your conversations aren’t used to train Gemini models,” further protecting sensitive information.

While Gemini AI chatbot is not yet officially launched, but early patch notes suggests it is scheduled to be released on February 21, 2024. However, these date may easily change depending on Google’s plans and timelines.

Meanwhile, the first feature exclusive to Gemini Advanced is the ability to edit and run Python code, which means users can now run edit and run Python code snippets “directly in Gemini’s user interface.” This is useful for experimenting with code, see how changes affect the output, and verify that the code works as intended.

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