YouTube Playables Video Games Are Now Available for Mobile & Desktop

To make itself an all-in-one entertainment platform, YouTube has been working to create Playables, video games that you can play within the YouTube app or web page.

According to the latest blog post from YouTube, Playables video games are now available to all users. Users from the US can access these games from the YouTube app for iOS/Android and the desktop webpage.

Playables is a collection of single-player and multi-player video games integrated into the core of YouTube.

This means users can start playing the game without additional downloads or installation.

YouTube says that Playables are currently supported on Android, iOS and desktop web. You need an Android device with the YouTube app version 18.33 or higher.

In the case of iOS, your device should be running iOS 14 or later. As for desktop web, you can use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to play Playables.

Once you start a game, your progress will be saved to your YouTube account. You can resume from where you started using any supported device. You can turn off this option by disabling YouTube History.

angry birds on youtube playables video games

YouTube announced in the blog post that over 75 titles are available in the Playables collection. Popular titles in the collection include Angry Birds, Carrom Clash, Color Match, Draw Climber, Find Out, Gin Rummy, and Ludo King.

The collection of games is broad enough and contains titles from genres like Arcade, Brain and Puzzle, Board, Action, Racing and Simulation. YouTube added that more games will be added to the collection soon.

Playables video games are currently available in the United States and a few select countries. However, YouTube says the feature will soon be rolled out to a broader audience.

The video-sharing platform has been testing this feature with select YouTube Premium customers as well. However, after its removal from the Premium features, it was unclear whether YouTube would bring it back.

Now, users can quickly start with a popular game when they get bored watching YouTube videos or streams. The company is expected to launch multi-player features soon.

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