Using Facetune to Make Your Photos and Videos Shine

In recent years, the popularity of sharing images and videos has skyrocketed. For instance, in 2023, the Huffington Post reported that a staggering 92 million selfies are taken every day.

Similarly, a 2024 study found that on the average day, people share a whopping 6.9 billion images on WhatsApp, 1.3 billion on Instagram, and 2.1 billion on Facebook.  

When uploading selfies and other kinds of images to our social media profiles, it’s fair to say we want them to represent who we are. After all, images and videos are beautiful ways of expressing our true, creative selves.

One way of achieving this is to use a photo editing app. According to Statista, 40% of smartphone owners use a photo-editing app, so why not join the club? 

Facetune, for one, offers a wide range of image and video enhancement features for editing selfies that help you to communicate your most authentic self.

To give you a brief flavor of Facetune’s capabilities, here are a few real-life examples we’ve created using this rights-free image from Pexels:

pexel image

AI Selfie Generator

Facetune’s AI Selfie Generator feels like magic with just a tap. Why? It keeps the original facial features in your selfie, but you can add color to the image or change the lighting effects to suit the mood you’re trying to express. 

Facetune Ai image

Facetune has hundreds of presets to express yourself through different looks and styles. For example, you might want your selfie to look glam, muted, or gothic. The choice is yours.  

Makeup Photo Editor

Facetune’s makeup filters are a game-changer for anyone wanting to experiment with their look – and they’re a lot of fun to use!

With this tool, you can change the tone of your foundation, blusher, and lipstick, or even go for a “no makeup” look. You can also brighten your skin to give it a healthy glow, all with just a few taps on your screen. 

Facetune Ai image

Not only is this tool great for enhancing your image, but it also comes in handy for testing different makeup colors to match an outfit.

Remove Objects

Maybe your image would be perfect if only that tree/bush/person/car weren’t in the way, right? If you can relate, Facetune has a nifty tool called “Vanish” that allows you to perfect an image by easily removing unwelcome elements. 

For example, you might have taken a selfie with someone who is now definitely in the ex-zone, but the snap is a great shot of you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to delete it – you can remove them with Facetune instead.

Just upload your image, choose the Vanish tool, and swipe your finger across the object or person you want gone. Then, tap the “Remove” button that appears. Simple!

AI Headshot Generator

Fun factor aside, there’s also the AI Headshot Generator tool. We like to think of these images as selfies for the more serious moments in your life.

Perhaps you want to express your true self on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or university application form. Facetune has you covered.

Facetune Ai image

Forget the expense of a professional shoot. Instead, just take a selfie headshot and use Facetune from the convenience of your smartphone to select a headshot style that complements the industry you work in (or hope to break into!). 

Add Video Filters and Overlays

Facetune also offers a range of contemporary and dynamic video filters for editing original content. 

Perhaps you’ve taken a video of yourself and your friends on a night out and want to make the footage represent your best selves. Facetune’s filters can help you convey a particular mood and look. For example, you can alter videos so that they’re black and white, add an “Urban” filter to make them more modern-looking, or add a “Golden” filter for a sun-kissed vibe. 

Overlays can also be used if you want to add a bit of fun to your video, such as a glitter overlay or sparkle effect. This is great for injecting personal and original touches into your content.

In addition, you can alter video layouts. For example, the “Reflections” layout lets you change the video symmetry, whereas “Glam” video ramps up the glitz. Either way, all video layouts are specifically designed to make your personal videos stand out and give them a distinct feel. 

AI Hairstyle and Hair Color

Imagine you want to upload a selfie to social media to ask your followers for their opinion on whether or not to change your hairstyle and/or hair color. Rather than heading straight to your hair stylist’s for an expensive makeover that you may not like, you can take a selfie and use Facetune’s generative AI hairstyle and hair color tool. 

Facetune Ai image

This empowers you to easily switch between hair designs and shades, putting you in complete control of your creative vision.  

Remove Video Background Noise

What if you’re having brunch with your BFFs and want to show your audience the fantastic venue you’re at? Shooting a video, especially in a non-studio environment, adds energy to your social feed and provides a sneak peek of your lifestyle.

However, one pitfall is the risk of loud background noises that kill your footage’s vibe. For instance, other people’s voices, music, traffic, weather sounds such as wind and hail, etc. 

Fortunately, Facetune makes it easy to remove background noise from your videos. Using its intuitive sliders, you can quiet background sounds and clean up your video so that it sounds as professional and glossy as it looks – so all the focus remains on you and whatever you’re doing and seeing. 

AI Outfit Changer

Suppose you love experimenting with different fashion styles and trends, and that’s your way of conveying your personality. With Facetune’s AI photo clothing editor, you can quickly change what you’re wearing in an image. 

Facetune Ai image

This innovative tool uses advanced AI technology to detect and modify clothing in your photos, allowing you to experiment with different looks and styles. You can change the colors, textures, prints, and more, such as adding sequins or switching linen to denim.  

Ready to Make Your Images and Videos Shine?

Making your selfies and videos shine using an editing tool like Facetune isn’t only fun – it’s also an easy way of modifying your content to convey your true self to the world.

Facetune’s AI selfie generator, AI headshot generator, video filter overlays, makeup photo editors, and so much more offer plenty of intuitive tools to enhance the perfect selfie while you’re on the run.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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