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Lost Ark

13 Things the Lost Ark Game Won’t Tell You About

Knowing everything you can about a game makes you a more formidable player. While you may think that the game designers will do their...
Web Scraping

How Large Scale Web Scraping Can Help Businesses Succeed

The global creation of data has been continually accelerating, with more data being produced in 40 minutes in 2021 than was created from the...
data risk analytics

What is Data Risk Analytics, and How Does it Strengthen Security?

When assessing cybersecurity risks and analyzing the data they have, IT teams are likely to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s human nature. Long hours...
iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Best Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo in 2023

It can be so annoying when, surprisingly, your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo and it won't even get past that screen. Many of...

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online During Summer Vacation?

There's no doubt that the current digital age has “normalized” lots of “abnormalities” that could affect kids' safety online. From sensitive content (porn, violence,...

Zenity Identifies Shadow IT Apps and Ensures Proper Governance and Security

A study by the Everest Group shows that shadow IT comprises 50 percent or more of an organization’s IT spending. This shows that shadow...
Walnut, Demostack, or Reprise

Walnut, Demostack, or Reprise? Product/Sales Demo Experience Platforms Compared

The product demo space is all the buzz right now, and for good reason. The SaaS market has taken the world by storm in the...
Microsoft Teams Security

Three Steps to Ensure a Level of Flawless Microsoft Teams Security for Your Business

Microsoft Teams has eclipsed all other communication platforms over recent years, growing from 2 million active users in 2017 to 145 million active users...
Secure Email From Hacking

How to Secure Your Email From Common Hacking Threats

For organizations, email is the first line of defense from hacking, and it has to be protected the most. According to research, over three...

How Viral Marketing Can Cause Website Crashes

Viral marketing can be a very lucrative part of a business’s overall marketing strategy. However, using this form of marketing also comes with its...