ODX and YouDeal Team Up to Deliver Free Internet Access to Emerging Markets

On August 9, 2018, ODX Pte. Ltd (ODX), announced its partnership with YouDeal, the world’s largest peer-to-peer services marketplace. ODX, which is a subsidiary of Xurpas, the largest consumer technology company in the Philippines, aims to solve what is perhaps the most basic problem for consumers in emerging economies: internet access.

ODX’s blockchain-based data marketplace, Open Data Exchange, is backed by heavy hitters in the blockchain and technology space, including Andromeda, BlockTower Capital, DNA Fund, Wavemaker Genesis, Hexa Labs, Pantera Capital and Strong Ventures. Through its data marketplace, ODX unites internet service providers and publishers from across the globe to offer consumers free internet access via sponsored data packages. The partnership between YouDeal and ODX brings YouDeal’s large network of internet users closer to receiving uninterrupted internet access through ODX.

Based out of China, YouDeal has more than 50 million users, seven million sellers and does $60 billion in trading volume. YouDeal currently connects users in China with more than 300 industries including fitness, yoga instructors, masseurs, hairstylists, information technology programmers, user interface designers and financial advisors. It now has its sights set on Southeast Asia, with a free internet strategy powered by ODX.

According to a press release Techworm received from PMBC Group, ODX’s PR firm, Nix Nolledo, ODX Founder and CEO said, “Data free access is a critical advantage in emerging markets. Your app becomes the default choice for most people most of the time.” YouDeal understands that success in emerging markets requires dealing with a fundamental problem – that most users are offline 20 days of the month. Mobile data is expensive in these markets, costing as much as six times what the average user can afford. As a result, consumers are offline over 80 percent of the time. Through this key partnership with ODX, YouDeal solves this issue by providing users free internet access to its services. Customers will be able to access the app 24/7, even when they have no mobile data plan or mobile airtime credits.

At the helm of the company is Nix Nolledo, a seasoned entrepreneur and tech executive who has played a significant role in the success of many companies, including Xurpas, which he started with only $3 and grew into the thriving billion-dollar company that it is today. Xurpas, is the largest publicly listed consumer tech company in the Philippines and employs more than 900 employees across Southeast Asia. With more than 17 years in operation, Xurpas has an established network of publishers and Telcos, which provides ODX with the perfect platform to achieve its lofty goals.

Last month, ODX raised more than $60 million in a private token sale and is well on its way to achieving its $100 million goal.

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Why Top-Notch App Isn’t the Only Key to Success in P2P Economy

The buzzwords like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft or Ola are familiar to almost everybody. Thousands of people use mobile applications and web portals of these companies. One can fall under a deceptive impression that the only thing necessary to succeed in peer-to-peer (P2P) economy is quality software or even copying somebody else’s proven app. IT specialists complain they often have to deal with clients’ desire to ride on the success of popular brands, e.g., creating a mobile app like Uber. It’s a common mistake that investors should be aware of. Very few people realize, most of the P2P companies are first of all mature offline businesses that managed to create brilliant applications. A high-quality mobile app earns a lot of money for its owners but is not the root cause of commercial success. What exactly has brought companies like Airbnb or Ola to the top?


It is a backbone of any sharing economy business model. A marketplace attracts entrepreneurs because it assists with client search, leads processing, loyalty systems, legal issues and payment options. A marketplace is a complex e-commerce platform embedding the following modules:

  •        Omni-channel commerce
  •        Banking, payments, refunds
  •        User’s agreements and legislation issues
  •        Executor’s portal
  •        Educational materials
  •        Editors, Communication, and Support portals

Technical features of web services and apps are important, but a software application development company and investors should also pay a lot of attention to market requirements and choose an appropriate business model.

Customers Portal and Applications

This ingredient of the P2P business ensures smooth user experience and helps communicate with customers. Create one of the best applications in a field and reinforce it with perfect services, impeccable support, and competitive prices. To have the maximum audience outreach, your sharing economy software should cover all the popular platforms (iOS, Android, OS X, Windows or Linux). Your company’s well-being fully depends on the users of your app. P2P software providers are challenged to create a solution able to stand out in a competitive market.


Sharing economy solutions are global scale by nature. They are able to reach the target audience. A large number of users generates a lot of statistics and analytical data. You have to take care of the following aspects:

  • System for analytical data generation and aggregation
  • Analytical tools for managing statistics
  • Report system

Your system should be ready to aggregate a bulk of analytical data. How to use these data is a strategic objective of your investors. You should remember about this challenge from the first days after launching services.

Tips to succeed in sharing economy

1.The legislation and tax issues. Keep your startup on the light side. The rapid success of the sharing economy pioneers called the attention of the world state agencies. Every new profitable startup is often of interest to regulatory and tax authorities.

2.Choose the appropriate business model. The history of the economy has already seen enough examples of unsuccessful pear-to-pear startups. The reason causing such failures is simple: those businesses didn’t fit in the P2P economy concept. Take a look at the signs showing that your company falls under the sharing economy ideas:

  • Lack of trust between small businesses and customers in case of one-time services.
  • Short-term relationships between small businesses and customers, and no opportunity to cooperate beyond a P2P marketplace.
  • Businesses offering low-skilled jobs and facing tough competition in the market.

3. Payment gateway. No matter what business model you choose for your solution, you need a secure payment system. The payment service should be hosted locally in every country where you launch your project. In this case, easy payments processing will prevent you from losing customers just because they can’t make payments to foreign companies.

4.Customer support. Take care of your customers, as they are the foremost priority of your company. There are human beings on both sides of the business workflow – consumers and your business partners (hosts and guests like in Airbnb, drivers and passengers like in Uber, etc.). All of them care for high-quality service on your part. Professional customer support and consulting services create the image of your company.

5.Mature marketing and promotion. Keep in mind that you’ll have to compete with traditional and well-established business models. Great efforts should be made to convince customers to start using something innovative. Therefore, be ready for a big investment in marketing strategy and the promotion of your concept.

6.Maximum automation. Your project’s success depends on the number of users you manage to attract. It means you’ll have quite high variable and unit costs. Therefore, all your business processes should be automated as much as possible to minimize expenses. Business intelligence solutions are able to assist you here.

7.Community and ecosystem development. That’s what should distinguish your business model from the rest. Sharing economy startups are driven by real people, and you should take care of being with them on the same page.

There is no universal formula of how to succeed in sharing economy. Software is important, but you should keep mind it just serves and complements a rolling business concept. To accomplish excellent results, you should pick the appropriate business model first and then think about developing a software solution. Professional custom applications developers and business analysts are able to ensure the creation of an app that perfectly fits your business concept.

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Disciplined Traders Profit With Forex Trading Plans

Let your winners run is profit maximizing advice for a forex trader, but instead, traders tend to exit trades too early due to a human fallacy called loss aversion. Traders fall into this mental trap because, psychologically, a loss is twice as powerful as a gain. When a loss does occur in forex trading—say a price breakout quickly reverses—owing to another mental trap called recency bias, you are likely to avoid the trade setup that caused recent losses. Over a dozen such biases can affect trading performance. Alas, if we could only take the human out of trade decisions.

Automated trading is gaining in popularity because it takes the human out of trading decisions. Traders have another option—a forex trading plan. Most trading mistakes are caused by a lack of discipline. A trading plan will instil discipline in your trading by establishing rules for trading.

What Is a Forex Trading Plan?

A forex trading plan is your strategy for when and how to enter and exit trades. Imagine you are a basketball player with no strategy for setting up a winning shot. As you dribble the ball, the other players block you, so you instinctively choose to reverse direction. If you had analyzed the players’ positions and likelihood of moving in A or B direction, you could have found the likeliest breakaway to sink the ball.

Forex trading is very much like basketball. You need a strategy based on historical trading performance to increase your odds of a trade running up a profit for you. Recording your trading performance in a trading journal, which could include an Excel spreadsheet, will supply you with the performance data. Also consider recording your emotions associated with trading mistakes and successes in your journal. Review five things you must have in your trading journal. When used together, a trading plan and journal can keep you in control of the market.

Steps to Creating a Forex Trading Plan

  1. Start by establishing your trading strategies, whether you are engaged in fundamental forex trading such as a news event (e.g., a central bank interest rate rise) or a technical trading pattern (e.g., a Fibonacci Pricing pattern).
  2. Gather your trading performance data. Ideally, this information has been collected in yours excel spreadsheets and/or journal. This data should inform your rules of trade.

You are now ready to develop your trading rules.

    1. Establish your trading frequency. Are you a day trader entering multiple trades a day? Do you make one trade a day? Determine your average trading frequency per day, per week, or per month.
    2. Set your trade limitation. You are a day trader who makes 10 trades a day, of which 5 are profitable. Multiply 5 by 1.2 to get your trade limitation of 6.
    3. Establish your entry and exit signals. Traders are most likely to follow their gut, intuition, when entering and exiting a market. When market prices are rising, FOMO (fear of missing out) is high. When you follow the trend without a trading plan, you are more likely to enter at the top and exit at the bottom.
    4. Set your take profit. How many points you take before exiting a winning trade should be established by your trading history. Analyze the trades in your journal.


  • Set your stop loss. The stop loss order limits your downside by selling a security at your predefined price.


Benefits of a Forex Trading Plan

When traders are stressed, they make more mistakes. Stress is correlated with the level of risk taken. Lowering the numbers of trades and focusing on applying your proven trading rules will increase your confidence.

When money is at stake, emotion can easily rule your trading decisions. In fast-moving forex markets, it is easy to enter or exit a trade too soon or too late. Or you may simply lack patience. It can take a long time for the right trading conditions to arrive, so you can enter or exit your trade. Rather than dribbling in circles, you can now patiently wait out your forex trading strategy even when market volatility is high.

As you record the performance data in your journal, you should also update your trading plan to reflect new data. With your trusty trading plan instilling discipline, you are less likely to act impulsively, unless all criteria of your trading set up have been met.

Forex Brokers That Support Trading Plans

When choosing the best forex broker for you, ensure their forex trading tools support your trading plan. A regulated broker that provides daily analysis such as TradeFW will ensure your trading plan and journal reflect your recent trading performance. TradeFW also offers educational support and forex training to help you develop and maintain a trading plan.

Once your trading plan is established, you have the option of automating it. To keep up with fast moving forex markets, more FX traders are using EAs and other trading bots offered by the best forex brokers. Your trading rules can easily be input into an expert advisor (EA). The best brokers for beginners will offer EAs that any trader can program.

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7 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know For Business Interest

7 Instagram Secrets You Need to Know For Business Interest

Social marketing has over the years been proven to be much more than simply a fad. By utilizing social marketing properly, you can promote your website for just a fraction of what you spend on conventional marketing. Instagram might be one of the recent social media sites that a good number of businesses have seen a significant return on investment using but it’s still an excellent resource for businesses that can maximize on return on investment effortlessly.

It does not just count as the star child of the social media scene, its popularity is similarly on a continuous rise and with the recent introduction of Instagram Stories, this fact has been amplified to greater extents. To get the most out of this powerhouse platform, you will not only need more eyes on your content but also enough to convince your followers to invest in whatever you’re selling.

Content Scheduling

Having content is not a problem for many brands, knowing to post and creating the time for this is what makes it rather hard to get things moving. One of the most significant parts of marketing on Instagram involves maintaining a frequent, consistent content schedule.

There is a ton of social media marketers who know the importance of keeping a healthy queue of photos and videos but not all of them are aware of the various ways of making content scheduling even easier. There are apps that can put together a content calendar for Instagram marketing by planning posts long in advance giving you more time to interact with followers and fans and strengthen your presence your presence on social media.

  • Effective Use of Hashtags

In the social media landscape, Instagram hacks are what make the world go round and this applies especially to Instagram. They have a great impact on the engagement received on every post and can help in determining whether your content gets to reach the eyes of your target or not. There are a couple of different hashtag strategies but the perfect mix has not yet been identified. The most effective ones, however, are those that are local or directly relevant to your post.

  • Keep Post Drafts within Reach

Draft is a feature on Instagram that most people have not discovered yet. It can be a great alternative to scheduling apps in that it enables you to create a post with the content and captions but you can choose whether or not to publish just yet. This you can pull up immediately from storage in the app the next time you are ready to publish.

  • Create a Seamless Feed

It might not exactly work for every business but a seamless Instagram feed is a visual spectacle that could transform your profile into a uniquely beautiful gallery for your fans and any potential customers. Seamless feeds are exactly what they sound like – drawn from photos edited in a way that the feed looks like a single giant image.

  • Post Content from Behind the Scenes

In the middle of promotional content and product posts, you are bound to find a lull in your Instagram content queue. The best way to fill up this gap is using behind the scenes content, a form of content that is often overlooked and underappreciated by marketers. The reason behind the success of ‘how-to’ content on almost all platforms is the fact that people like to be informed of the processes. This kind of thing can help in building stronger connections with followers, fans and prospective customers.

  • Share Reviews and Testimonials

Social proof can mean everything for your target audience with regards to making a purchasing decision. If you intend to use Instagram as a means of driving sales for your business, one awesome idea for content is customer reviews and testimonials. It’s one thing to tell everyone you have the best product to solve their problem but it’s an entirely different thing to show prospective buyers what other people say about it. This can greatly help in building positive customer perception for your brand.

  • Discounts and Promotions

This can come into play when all else fails. Using Instagram to share promotions and quick discounts is a pretty underrated form of social marketing. Often, brands focus a lot more on building their aesthetic on Instagram so much that they forget that it means so little if it fails to drive revenue for their businesses. A simple way to get fans to act urgently and become consumers is sharing occasional discounts. Once they have followed you for a while, they might lose interest, which is why you have to keep them engaged with promotions that steer them away from the indifference.

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5 Things to Consider to Promote Your Business on Instagram

5 Things to Consider to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is steadily becoming one of the most popular, most engaging social media applications. It has become a proven social media platform for brand building and marketing especially considering the fact that there are more than 8 million registered business accounts. Additionally, around 80 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram by its huge and active user base that businesses can tap into.

A greater percentage of this user base is made up of youngsters, a demographic that can be particularly viable and highly valuable for businesses trying to build an audience for the long-term.

This pretty much makes Instagram highly competitive, but with a firmly established brand identity as well as a well-coordinated marketing strategy, you can get your business the right kind of exposure.

The following are 5 things you can leverage to promote your business on Instagram

Seize the Environment

Instagram is now a must-have social network for every marketer. This is more so applicable to younger audiences that are constantly seeking Instagram for brand personality, engagement, and interactions. The platform continues to be an ideal environment for commenting, tagging, liking, and sharing. Additionally, despite the fact that purchases are limited to a link in the user’s bio, younger generations can be inspired by this to make purchases much easier. The core users of the app can navigate it seamlessly and the videos and images from brands form the basis of driving engagement, which can only help you promote your business even further.

Brand Personality Has to Be Professionally Showcased

If you intend to use Instagram to promote your business, it’s important to make a clear distinction between your personal and business accounts. For starters, optimize your account such that your attention is focused not just on the product but more on the audience. This means you might have to use photos on travel adventures, friend groups, and selfies. It might seem completely obvious, but a huge amount of personal content tends to make its way to your brand feeds. Think more about what your audience needs to see and not an inside joke or your friends. Striking a good balance between personal and business content, however, you can buy Instagram followers, it’s a great way to show your excellence.

Your Username Has to Be Simple and Searchable

Probably, a majority of your customers already know that they can find you by doing a quick search on Instagram’s Explore feature. It’s your duty to make it as painless as it can possibly be to find you. Don’t use several different names across your networks. Rather, keep all social media handles simple and consistent by using simple and easy-to-spell usernames without any special characters, numbers or underscores.

The Bio Has to Be Simple, Too

In the same vein as the username is the bio – it should be just as simple to match your brand. Keeping Instagram bios to a minimum while ensuring you mention who you are and what you do makes it easier for your followers to understand what your brand is all about. At the end of the day, this is one of the few places that truly promote your business hugely. You can include a link in your bio and maybe use URL shortening tools that users can follow to learn everything else you feel they need to know about your business. It can be a link to your website’s homepage, promotional, sales or other marketing landing pages. In this way, you get to keep the move from Instagram to your site much easier and more cohesive.

Hashtags Are Inevitably Useful

Hashtags are a great basis of discovery for Instagram; they’re like Instagram’s rule of thumb. Whether it’s intended to increase visibility or find what you’re looking for, hashtags for Instagram is an awesome way to go about it. As a basic guideline, you’ll probably have to search for the newest hashtags that exist in your industry. It doesn’t exactly have to correlate with your brand but it definitely has to be relevant. Once you identify candidates, you can use them in campaigns to attract new followers thus getting that little extra reach. The best approach is to combine both standard and branded hashtags, as it greatly helps to track engagement.

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5 reasons why organizations are choosing nearshoring today

5 reasons why organizations are choosing nearshoring today

During the last decade, offshoring IT services has become an accepted solution for large and mid-sized enterprises, with the Asia-based outsourcing model dominating the scene. Even if offshore providers bring organizations significant cost savings, they also come with challenges ranging from time zone discrepancies to cultural differences and language barriers, to name just a few.

These issues may sometimes present a severe risk and hurt the business. But outsourcing business operations is a strong trend that isn’t going anywhere. In 2017, the total contract value of the information technology outsourcing (ITO) market amounted to 64.3 billion U.S. dollars (according to statista).

That’s why many organizations that investigated alternatives to offshoring started to look for partners closer to home. This strategy is called nearshoring. In its essence, nearshoring means teaming up with providers who are located relatively nearby but can still deliver significant cost efficiencies.

Here are 5 benefits of nearshoring to show you why so many organizations are choosing it today.

5 reasons why organizations are choosing nearshoring today

1. Cost savings

A decade ago, hiring candidates from India, China, and the Philippines was all the rage. However, the financial attractiveness of that option has subsided over the past few years as local wages increased and work culture became globalized, giving rise to new employee demands and workforce trends.

By nearshoring to countries located in Latin America or Central Europe, organizations get to still enjoy significantly lower labor and operating expenses without the inconvenience brought by rapidly transforming economies and professional cultures. For example, American companies that choose Latin America as their location for back office support typically see savings between 30 and 60%.

2. Time zone compatibility

2. Time zone compatibility

Another significant benefit of nearshoring over offshoring is the geographical proximity. Organizations that picked partners in distant locations such as Asia usually found managing operations very difficult. Time zone disparities not only caused managers to struggle when organizing work but also put a strain on their workforce. Note that one of the biggest hurdles Asia locations face today is employee retention, especially among the personnel responsible for the overnight shifts that support customers located in the United States.

In contrast, nearshoring offers real-time service where employees work during standard business hours. That significantly reduces the strain on the workforce and boosts employee retention because local personnel doesn’t need to make significant adjustments to support customers in different locations.

The temporal and geographic proximity of nearshoring builds a more collaborative environment where teams can communicate quickly and deal with problems or change priorities. Also, travel between these locations is more comfortable under the nearshore model, and that boosts operational cohesion and team bonding.

3. Language and cultural similarities

3. Language and cultural similarities

Organizations that offshore parts of their operations to distant locations need to remember that local employees live in entirely different cultural settings. Moreover, English is not their native language or not as commonly spoken as in European or Latin American countries. As a result, the offshore model is replete with communication challenges that might crop up already at the level of RFP.

Most nearshoring providers are, on the other hand, highly proficient in English even if it’s not their native language. Being able to communicate in real-time over phone or email in clear English boosts the operational efficiency of such dispersed teams.

Moreover, offshoring brings forward all the cultural differences that may impact team performance, such as different holidays, working styles, and other customs that are obvious only to local employees. Nearshoring reduces that risk because the partnering countries have similar cultural and historical backgrounds that ensure better collaboration.

4. Vast talent pool

4. Vast talent pool

Another factor that makes nearshoring such an excellent alternative to offshoring is the availability of talented and well-educated professionals. Organizations that choose nearshoring will benefit from a young and educated workforce working in large cities with access to numerous universities and education centers which follow global standards. That is especially relevant to technical education where knowledge gaps cause the most significant disruptions.

5. Compliance and trade regulations

Finally, nearshoring makes collaboration easier because the chances are high that such partnering countries participate in international agreements and follow global standards such as the WTO Information Technology Agreement. The same doesn’t hold true for countries such as India or China where personnel might require substantial training to ensure compliance.

Key takeaway

Organizations that face a shortage of technical expertise and talent should consider nearshoring as an effective strategy that helps to become more agile and sustainable.  

Have a look around the nearshore market, don’t hesitate to submit an RFI, and take advantage of a vast pool of talented professionals to optimize your costs and drive innovation.

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Short video service is merging with TikTok’s short video platform

Short video service is merging with TikTok’s short video platform

“R.I.P.”: The lip-syncing app collaborates with TikTok, a short-form video app, which is popular among teenagers in the Americas and Europe, is no longer be available, and the users have been migrated over to TikTok, a similar popular app that is especially famous among youth in Asia.

For those unaware, was a Chinese video social network app for video creation and live broadcasting. This app allowed users to be creative and let them create and share short singing and dancing videos by lip syncing to their favorite songs and audio clips. Users could create 15-second to 1-minute videos through the app and select sound tracks to accompany them, use different speed options (time-lapse, fast, normal, slow motion, and epic) and add pre-set filters and effects. It also allowed users to browse popular “musers,” content, trending songs and sounds and hashtags. was officially launched in August 2014, and by the end of May 2017, the app reached over 200 million of users. However, in November 2017, China’s Beijing Bytedance Technology Co., which also owns the company Tik Tok that was launched in 2016, acquired, Inc. for a reported US $1 billion. Back then, Bytedance had said that acquiring would help its users and advertisers tap into new markets.

“ and TikTok currently operate in complementary geographies without much overlap and as both platforms continue to grow rapidly now is the time to bring them together,” Stefan Heinrich, head of global marketing at TikTok, told Reuters.

“It better reflects the breadth of content created on our platform that extends beyond music to comedy, performance art and more. Supporting one platform will allow us to expand our on-the-ground presence more quickly and easily – building local teams to support each market,” Heinrich added.

Alex Zhu, co-founder of and senior VP of TikTok said in the press release, “TikTok, the sound of a ticking clock, represents the short nature of the video platform. We want to capture the world’s creativity and knowledge under this new name and remind everyone to treasure every precious life moment. Combining and TikTok is a natural fit given the shared mission of both experiences — to create a community where everyone can be a creator.”

TikTok will be updated where it will feature most popular elements of both TikTok and, bringing together the best of both worlds. It includes a feed that highlights content from a user’s community and features a personalized video recommendation based on viewing preferences. The app also comes with a new feature that will notify users when they have been active in the app for more than two hours that day.

Bytedance said TikTok will also launch a series of new creator programs to offer technical support, performance insights and guidance on growth strategy.

TikTok is available via Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The existing accounts of users will automatically upgrade to TikTok when they update the current app, where they can find their account, videos and personal settings inside the new app. had recently reached 100 million monthly users around the world, while TikTok had 500 million monthly active users in June, according to Bytedance.

Last month, shut down, a live streaming app that it had created prior to the acquisition. The company asked its users to try out LiveMe, a rival app in which Bytedance is an investor.

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Meet The Company That Wants to Disrupt The $2 Trillion Parcel Delivery Industry

It has now been more than ten years since Uber was founded. The emergence of the transport giant disrupted the taxi industry more than any other company had accomplished either before or since. Despite the various controversies that continue to plague the brand’s reputation, estimates now put the value of Uber higher than the market cap of the Ford Motor Company.

The company has been credited for the burgeoning gig economy, allowing car owners to make side income from driving for Uber in their spare time. The Uber system also creates efficiencies by utilizing otherwise idle vehicles, and deploying smartphone apps so that drivers and riders spend less time seeking one another out.

Now, it seems that blockchain could shake up the parcel delivery industry in a similar way that Uber did for ridesharing. Paket is launching the world’s first decentralized parcel delivery network. It will bring connectivity to a fragmented market and allow an individual to earn side income from carrying parcels around at the same time they are conducting their regular daily business.

Current Problems of the Parcel Delivery Industry

Since the rise of online retailing, the parcel delivery industry has seen a steady increase in the number of parcels being shipped from business to consumer (B2C). In turn, this has led to the increase of an industry problem known as “the last mile.” Whereas business-to-business (B2B) shipping was a market that could operate effectively around centralized hubs, B2C shipping means that the end recipients of goods are dispersed across a far wider range of locations.

Therefore, the last leg of the delivery journey is generally the most difficult to manage efficiently. It ends up consuming much of the cost of the overall delivery. Part of the problem is market fragmentation. The players in the industry are comprised of big shipping companies like UPS or DHL, smaller local delivery firms, and even individual couriers. As things stand, there is no way for them to work together to manage the increasing demands of the market.

Major Transport Companies Team up to Explore Blockchain

Some of the big players in the transport industry, including UPS and FedEx, are now teaming up in order to investigate the power of blockchain to solve industry-wide problems like that of “the last mile.”

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) consists of companies within the freight sector and has the goal of promoting common standards for technological advancements across its members. However, given that the alliance was only formed late in 2017, it has not yet disclosed any significant solution-based developments.

How A Blockchain Delivery Network Works

Paket aims to introduce a global blockchain-based system that will allow all players to work together seamlessly. It will also create the opportunity for individuals to participate, by carrying parcels on “the last mile.” In principle, this means that a daily commuter could take packages from a hub close to their city job, back to their hometown as part of their regular journey—and earn money for doing so.

We can look at a simple example of how such a blockchain-based system would operate. Lily the Launcher wants to send a parcel to Rudy the Recipient. Lily engages Carl the Courier to send the package, in exchange for a fee that they agree between the two of them. The fee is to be paid in cryptocurrency tokens. They also agree on a final date by which Carl will deliver the parcel to Rudy.

Lily is also concerned that the packet she wants to send to Rudy contains some items of value. As insurance against damage, loss or theft, she also requests that Carl put down a collateral payment, which would cover the cost of the parcel contents.

Smart Contracts

A blockchain network can be constructed around smart contracts to manage this transaction between Lily and Carl. The fee Lily will pay, along with the collateral that Carl agrees to stake, are held in escrow.

Once Rudy confirms receipt of the parcel, Carl receives the delivery fee from Lily, and his collateral payment is refunded to him. But if the delivery deadline passes without Rudy having received the parcel, then Lily has her fee refunded, and she gets the collateral payment from Carl.

Custodianship Model for Complex Deliveries

Now, let’s imagine that Carl cannot take the parcel all the way to Rudy himself, but only part of the way. On the Paket network, there is also Neo the New Courier, who can collect the package from Carl and make the final delivery.

The protocol allows for Carl and Neo to split the delivery fee between them. At the point in time that Neo takes custody of the parcel from Carl, the smart contract will execute the refund of Carl’s collateral payment, and Neo stakes his own crypto tokens as collateral for Lily until he delivers the packet to Rudy.

This model of “custodianship” can manage far more complex, multi-leg shipments, including overseas deliveries. Big shipping providers could take the segments of the trip between major cities or hubs and manage all the complexities of clearing customs. Smaller local providers or even individuals could collect the parcel from the hubs to manage the “last mile” delivery to the doorstep of the recipient.

In the case of Paket, the protocol will also contain a “routing” layer within the system design. This will mean that the network can update the route that the parcel takes in real-time, selecting the cheapest and fastest way of getting the parcel to its destination depending on circumstances. If desired, the parties can also pre-define the route that the parcel will take.

Paket is currently in development and preparing to launch later this year. Meanwhile, the BiTA Alliance continues to investigate broader solutions including insurance, asset management, and transparency.

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5 Reasons Why Spanish Denver Businesses Need SEO To Improve Their Bottom Line

Over the last two decades, the concept of SEO has gained enormous significance after its invention in the early 1990s. Nowadays, SEO is considered as a basic activity just like sending or receiving emails if not conducting any other activity online. Just like other businesses, Spanish Denver businesses need local SEO to improve their brand and have clients buy their products or services. By looking at the concierge for the network ecology, Denver SEO needs to offer its users with access to huge information to improve their bottom line. There are many other benefits but with these five reasons, one will know why Denver businesses need SEO most:

  1. Organic Search for Businesses in Denver Are Always the Primary Source of Web Traffic

Organic search plays a crucial part in most businesses’ web performance in Spanish Denver. Many people know that Google owns a good number of search market than any other competitors in the world. In fact, Google owns close to seventy-five percent of the overall search market, but the remaining twenty-five percent is owned by other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Yandex and many others. Since Spanish Denver businesses need traffic, it must make use of organic search. Denver SEO is therefore required to achieve this goal.

  1. Denver SEO Builds Credibility and Trust

On grounds that SEO builds credibility and trust, Spanish Denver business would look for trust and credibility in their websites. This can only be achieved through Denver SEO. Just like any other SEO firm, the main goal for Denver SEO is to establish a strong foundation for the beautiful web experience with an effective and clean experience. This experience should be discoverable in search of the credibility and trust of its digital properties as well as its brand. For this reason, Spanish businesses will be able to promote their brands despite meeting the expected quality of the product of not services.

  1. Denver SEO Offers a Better Experience

We all need better organic visibility and ranking for our businesses. Very few people acknowledge that optimum web experience is part of the optimum experience they need. As a matter of fact, SEO makes it possible to establish optimum experience which clients needs. For this reason, Denver SEO has learned to interpret the favorite experiences as the pivot element of a website’s success to achieve what clients expect. By virtue that Denver businesses need better experiences, it implies that they have to use Denver SEO to improve services.

  1. Denver SEO Is a Local SEO in Spanish That Offers Better Traffic and Engagement

With a local SEO, one can optimize his/her firm’s digital properties for certain vicinity so that users can find it easily and quickly. One ground that clients can find what they need easily and quickly, they can quickly engage thus, improving the site’s traffic. With a better traffic and engagement, Spanish Denver businesses will be a step closer to a customer’s transaction. For this reason, Denver SEO focuses on specific cities, towns, regions, as well as states. This is what is needed for most businesses to prosper.

  1. Denver SEO Improves the Buying Cycle

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is that it provides research from a client’s view. With the help of a Denver SEO, your business can get good traffic and engagement which will definitely improve your business buying cycle since customers will be satisfied with the services offered. In this manner, brands should be visible where users need them for a worthy connection to be established. Denver SEO enhances visibility which makes it possible for clients to look for them and it’s only Denver Spanish businesses that can offer those answers.

In an nutshell, Spanish Denver businesses need Denver SEO to enable a user to get to a site with ease by increasing its visibility as well as ranking. Therefore, the overall goal of Denver SEO is to have a better search ranking observed when someone searches for information online. Owing to these facts, businesses in Spanish Denver needs to be ranked well for better visible. with these reasons at hand, I believe you know why your business needs a local SEO which is none other than Denver SEO best place human beings can relax and have a decent.

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Nokia and Chinese tech firm, Tencent, collaborate to work jointly on 5G

Nokia and Chinese tech firm, Tencent, collaborate to work jointly on 5G

Nokia and Tencent sign agreement to accelerate 5G webscale research

5G, the fifth (5th) generation of cellular technology, is the newest wireless networking technology that phones, smartwatches, cars, and other mobile devices are expected to use in the coming years.

While 5G standards are in the process of getting finalized, Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, and one of China’s leading providers of Internet services, Tencent Holdings signed a cooperation agreement to carry out joint research and development to “explore the potential of 5G for the provision of new applications”, including different vertical markets.

The agreement was formalized when the two firms signed a Strategic Framework Agreement at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai that took place at the end of June.

“This collaboration with Tencent is an important step in showing webscale companies around the globe how they can leverage the end-to-end capabilities of Nokia’s 5G Future X portfolio,” said Marc Rouanne, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia. “Working with them we can deliver a network that will allow them to extend their service offer to deliver myriad applications and services with the high-reliability and availability to support ever-growing and changing customer demands.”

Talking about the agreement, Zeng Yu, VP at Tencent, said: “We are pleased to collaborate with Nokia to leverage the technologies, products and expertise of both our companies to fulfill the growing demands of a digital economy driven by 5G. Tencent and Nokia are fully committed to delivering richer, more diverse, multi-level services and applications for enterprises, and individual customers. Furthermore, we will support each other in creating more financial and social benefits in our respective fields, to pursue success in the new era of digital economy.”

The two firms are looking to explore 5G’s potential in transportation, finance, energy, intelligent manufacturing and entertainment. Under the terms, Nokia and Tencent will create an end-to-end 5G test environment in Shenzhen.

According to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the companies, Nokia and Tencent will establish a joint laboratory equipped with leading 5G technologies, products and solutions, centralized and decentralized split architecture that uses Nokia Airscale Radio Access Network, 5G Core, MEC framework and other third-party devices.

Signing of this agreement gives Nokia advantages in 5G over its competitors, while Tencent, which has 1.04 billion combined monthly active users on its WeChat and QQ social media platforms, aims to capitalize on the connectivity, increased speeds, capacity and reliability that 5G services will bring by lowering the latency on the networks.

Going forward, the two companies would leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and automation enabled by 5G to promote international standards and open up the extensive use of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) and improve the delivery of online services such as cloud-based gaming and entertainment.

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