An interview with Hacker group Anonghost, from the world of Anonymous hacking.

Anonghost, led by Mauritania Attacker, a hacker group that hacked thousands of websites including government website, Database leaks, email leaks, and Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Account’s hijacking.

Mauritania Attacker (founder and admin) – Virusa Worm – SpitFir3 – ManSyk3z – Deto Beiber – BL4ckc0d1n6 – Dr.SàM!M_008 – Sky Lion – Kais Patron – Ian Surgent – B0o3nAs – Gbs Aremiey – Mr Domoz – RetnOHacK – Tak Dikenal – Chahid inj3ctor – b3ta – Rehber Khan – AnonxoxTN – Spec Tre – PsyferR – Raka 3r00t – Gh0st_3xp10!t – PirateX – kopra1337 – Bl4ck Jorozz – Riad Spamer – VirUs AsEr AlrOoh – Younes Lmaghribi – Zaky – Joker Inside – AreTheiS

#OpIsrael, #OpUSA, #OpPETROL

Anon Ghost

1. All Though you are anonymous, would you like to share which country you belong from, or some thing about you?
Anon Ghost: we are not anonymous , we are a Team , we do not hide behind masks, we belong from
Mauritania Morocco Malaysia Indonesia Tunisia Usa Ireland


2.When did u find your interest in hacking?

Anon Ghost: we were Teamr00t , we launched AnonGhost 7 months ago

3.Why was it that you liked hacking, why you hack?
Anon Ghost: we spread awareness over the world , we do not hack for fun , we hack to spread our voice
4.What was your first hacking project, was it secret, if u want to share it, or else go with first which u can share with us?
Anon Ghost: yea , many secrets hacked by AnonGhost , we are different from other Teams we do not hide things or use them for benefice , we have one goal is to expose secrets of the Governments , if you google AnonGhost you will find all secrets
5.Ever thought of becoming white hat?
Anon Ghost: one day maybe
6.we know about your major projects,, which do you think, top ten hacking projects you are involved in?
Anon Ghost: we launched #OpIsrael 7 april it was the biggest op ever
we launched
we are now launching #OpPETROL
is #OpMyanmar

we do not anticipet

7.Is there any project, which you thought you should not have done, yes or no,, may be you would like to tell us about it?

Anon Ghost: i don’t think so , we are able to do anything we want , all projects has been done successfully , we have good choice and we do not listen to people if we want to do something , we see all things in the positive side


Anon Ghost: haha never ever , and this is the thing that will never happen , and we are sure 10000000000000% hacking us is called impossible.

9.ever got into trouble due to hacking?

Anon Ghost: no never , we are organzized Team , that’s why , we are united , we stand together , we are like a family

10. 5 hackers which are your inspiration. or you like them most?

Anon Ghost: well , i think there is only one he is called Farid Essabar from Morocco his nickname is Diablo

11.Which method would you use, to breach into small websites?

Anon Ghost: we use priv8 methods , we do not use programs or any software , we do only manual hacking , no BACKTRACK , no Metasploit , and just to remind you we do not breach small websites

12.Would you like to give some security tips, to our readers and ofcourse me:) ?

Anon Ghost: yea , we already post them in our official page

13.Got something else that you want to share, with your friends, your enemy and the entire world?

Anon Ghost: yeaa

just a little message

for our haterz “we are AnonGhost , we still powerful , and we will stay , and we understand you , just dream more to be like us ”

for our friends

” we keep fighting till the last second we do not surrender , we execute , we lead , we improve ”

for the entire world

” Most of People are blind , they can’t do difference between positive and negative things , because The Governments of the World has brainwashed them , and we will keep exposing the truth “


Thanks for providing some time from your busy schedule for this interview.
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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


  1. My tiny little site was hacked by them — Why???? It is a Christmas toy site affiliated to . So answer 11 appears to be untrue does it not.

    • yep anonghost is a bunch of kids who are full of shit. Nearly every site they hack has been hacked 55 times before them, people running the same scripts. They do not use metasploit, because they do not know how 🙂 They find the low hanging fruit, the simple servers who left their door open, and have been tagged by others many times.

  2. Yes, my tiny little site has just been hacked by them for the 3rd time. If they are on a mission they sure are wasting their time farting about with my site.<br />

  3. Wow, so many trolls in these comments. Anonghost is one of the realest crews in existence and they are very proactive with determination to cause positive change in this corrupt world. Learn to investigate more and stop being so ignorant. Talking shit to egg us on just means your a dumb troll… we are Anonymous, expect all of us. We are legion. ~d3f1Ant Anonymous


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