Interview With Member Of Xploiters Crew – Exclusively for Techworm

So guys today Techworm brings you another interview. This time is Dr.SniFF from Xploiters Crew.
Xploiters crew is a group of Highly Sophisticated Hackers from Pakistan.

Hello Dr.SniFF. Can you tell us something about yourself? Which country do you belong or some other information about you?

      Dr.SniFF: Hey Guyz, its Dr.SniFF from Xploiters Crew. I Currently Live in Pakistan.

When did you first start hacking?

      Dr.SniFF: Early 2009.

Which was your biggest hack?

     Dr.SniFF: UT Bank Ghana and Commercial Bank Ethiopia.

What pushed you into hacking?

      Dr.SniFF: Curiosity & One Friend of mine challenged me in which i failed.

Why do you hack?

      Dr.SniFF: I hack for a reason. The reason is to secure that shit because most of the site
      admins  don’t
      patch up when you inform them about the vulnerability, but when you exploit it they give

Have you ever thought of being a white hat ?

      Dr.SniFF: Yea. When the right time comes.

Did you ever get into trouble because of your hacks?

      Dr.SniFF: No, but some of my friends did get caught.

Can you tell us the names of some hackers who are your inspiration?
      Dr.SniFF: Zombie_Ksa, Agd_Scorp & My Buddy Xploiter.

Which is the most common vulnerability you encounter in your targets?

      Dr.SniFF: We have our own research of years. Commonly i exploit Sqli.

There have been some problems between your team and madleets. What do you have to say about this?

      Dr.SniFF: Yea, we have had some problems. But now that problem has been solved.

Do you have any advice about newbie hackers?

      Dr.SniFF:  Yeah.
      1.Don’t waste your time on begging
      2.Respect Seniors.
      3.Focus on your goals, you need time and dedication to become a good hacker.
      4.And yeah first learn programming

Thanks for your precious time and thanks for accepting the interview.

      Dr.SniFF: You’re welcome!

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  1. Bitch Pleeeez <br />Saladin<br />!!! :D<br />SQLI <br />English R.I.P<br />My Freinds Get caught OMG <br />A mothaFoka Lamer 3:)<br />


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