Imagine this! You have a wordpress website giving political news, current affairs news or election related news in any country hosted on a baby or hatchling plan from your host.  This news/article/post may be sensitive to certain parties who would like otherwise. And that certain party wants to take down your site.  All they have to do is to plan a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services attack on your website.  As per Google a DDoS attack can be arranged very   The basic reason behind the DDoS attacks are mostly political or arbitary. The DDoS attack when launched can send millions of visitors to your website and naturally you dont have the infrastructure or the resources to deal with such kind of traffic.  The end result, you site is offline till the problem is resolved at the server end by your host. This mitigation process may take upto a month in case of a very small hosting company.  The DDoS attacks are so vicious that sometime big websites crumble like cookies if they get one of these.
Google announces fight against Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks with Project Shield from Google Ideas

Google which has always been at the forefront of fighting for online freedom and today it announced a newly launched weapon against potential DDoS attackers with Project Shield.  You have to sign up here with Google Ideas and tell them your average visits and your content.  If you are in the field of current affairs with controversial posts, election news or political affairs news, this is must have service for you.

Currently Google Ideas is providing this service free and is invite only.  


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