#GOP Sony Hackers had demanded ransom from Sony CEO or warned them of massive cyber attack

New reports indicated #GOP or Guardians of Peace had demanded ransom from Sony Pictures three days prior to attack. The hackers have warned Sony of a damaging cyberattack in a jumbled email sent to company executives three days before the hack.

Sony Hack Attack : Hackers had Demanded Ransom from Sony Three Days Prior to Attack
(Image courtesy: Mashable)

The email which was sent on Nov. 21, was addressed to Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, Chairman Amy Pascal and other executives. This ransom email is accidentally the part of the trove that is being leaked by the hackers after the hack.

Surprisingly the hackers signed the email as “God’sApstls.”  This phrase was also found by the investigators in the Wipall malware used in the Sony hack attack.  The email seems to be sent from a use and dispose kind of Gmail address similar to other addresses the hackers have used in emails to reporters.  The words #GOP or Guardians of Peace has not been mentioned anywhere in the ransom email.

Sony officials took the emails as a spam and didnt even bother to open it.  Below is the image of the full ransom email, which was found in the leaked email ids and documents from the hack attack.  This particular email was sent to Sony Chairman Amy Pascal’s email, as said above she never read or opened this mail.

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Another news from the Sony hack attack is that the hackers today leaked contact details for Hollywood celebrities and the the aliases they use when they travel incognito.  Details of Sony pictures stars like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Sarah Michelle Gellar feature in the leaked data.

The hackers have also leaked email ids and phone numbers of cast, crew and other staff members from several Sony film productions besides above doxed  aliases. Another noteworthy information includes the popularity chart of the Hollywood stars in different countries.  You can keep tabs of all the information being leaked by Sony hack attack hackers here, courtesy Risk-based Security.  You can watch the cached version of the page here.

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