Apple empowers its Video chats and Messenger services with additional safety using the Two step verification process.

By enabling the 2-FA, Apple users can tighten up the security of their day to day activities from the hackers.

Apple had earlier enabled the Two Step Verification process for its Itunes and  iCloud accounts. iCloud, is special feature of Apple, wherein the user can store all their essential data like files, mails,  photographs, videos etc and this can be accessed from smartphone, desktop or laptop. In March 2013, the Two step verification process was set up to the ICloud and Itunes to provide that additional security to all the accounts from hackers. Now this has been enabled to the Video chats and Messenger services as well and is optional .

Two Step Verification Process:  Basically when the user logs in Apple account it asks for the username and password; a security code would be generated and sent to user’s trusted device via message or voice mail. It is essential that the trusted device should either have SMS facility or be an iphone however landlines cannot be used here.  Now user needs to type this code (usually a 4 digit code) to get access to their account. Generally for every log in user needs to put his password and this 4 digit verification code to get access to any of Apple accounts.  It is advisable to provide an alternate phone number while enabling the verification process, to be on the safer side in case the first phone is lost or misplaced. With this two step verification user, has been safeguarded against the hacker because even if they get the username and password any third party will not be able to access the Apple account until the verification code has been typed out. This process has also eliminated the headache of remembering security questions because it will automatically work on the passwords and the verification codes provided. The process holds good for every log in as well as every time  user switches the device.

Besides the password and the verification code, user will also receive a 14 digit Recovery code, in case user forgets the password or verification code this key will help to get access to their account. This Recovery code needs to be printed and kept in safe place for future use.

Seems okay till the time that hackers do not attempt to crack the verification code from the trusted device, anyways.

In all Apple has again showed all its users as to how much it values its esteemed customers by enabling the extra security even to the “chatting services” like Video Chats and Messenger service.

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Maya Kamath
Maya Kamath
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  1. i can’t get my IPad to let me install my password into Messenger. I simply cannot get it to bring Messenger where I can put my password in, where earlier it came up and would not take the password. I went back and got a new password and I know it works, but it will not allow me to put it in.


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