Rapper Griminal’s Twitter hacked; hackers post suicidal tweets

Suicidal Tweets On Rapper Griminal’s Twitter account cause fans to worry

Rapper Griminal’s fan followers on Twitter were shocked to see suicidal tweets coming up one after another. Apparently Griminal’s Twitter account was hacked by unknown hackers who sent these suicidal tweets one after another in space of an hour yesterday night.

Some of suicidal tweets made by the hackers from his account and which are now deleted are given below :

“I’m gone. The last pure me is on YouTube when I was 16/17. I sold my soul after then. I f****d up. No way out. Devil has my soul.”

“I’m scared how I’ll die, but f**k it. When I go, I go init. BRUV, EVERYTHING AROUND ME IS F**KED

“Everyone who ever dissed me was right, that’s why I deserve to die. Think I’m shook of death I don’t care.”

“I’ve tried everything. EVERYTHING. I’m tired. Death is next. Literally and/or metaphorically.”

Even as the hackers were posting this worrying tweet, the rappers fans took to social media to console him with a hashtag #PrayForGriminal which was trending late into night.

A hour later Griminal’s profile and messages were completely deleted by either the hackers or Twitter, however the rapper’s brother, Lil Nasty confirmed Griminal’s Twitter account had been hacked :

UK actor Arnold Oceng too tried to make out some meaning from the suicidal tweets

Lady Leshurr came out in strong support of Griminal and tweet a strong rebuke to the twitterati who were making fun of Griminal


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