Three Anonymous Britishers get together to destroy online ISIS recruitment ring

A trio of anonymous British computer experts have embarked on a mission to expose and destroy the ISIS online propaganda and recruitment network.

It is a common truth that ISIS uses the cyber space very well to get new recruits for its mission as well as spread its ideology. The law enforcement agencies all over the world and the tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. take action but as soon as they suspend an pro ISIS account, three more pop up.

The fight against these ISIS propaganda and recruitment networks is a never ending one, but three anonymous British computer experts have taken it on themselves to expose and destroy these networks.

They are computer and hacking experts and their language and goal is similar to the global hacktivist collective Anonymous but what differs between the Anonymous and them is that their sole mission is to destroy the pro ISIS networks while Anonymous may be fighting its own ISIS fight, elements within the Anonymous, especially from the Middle East, are pro-ISIS.

The trio from Britain claim to be independent and have set a group called Global Vigilance. To fund their activities they are asking for Bitcoin donations from users around the world.

How will they fight the vast pro ISIS network of recruiters and PR? The trio claim they have identified the ring leaders of a group dedicated to wooing young men to the ISIS cause.

“We go after information and use it to expose supporters of ISIS,” they told Daily Mail during a series of conversations using identity-obscuring communications services. If we can expose the people running ISIS-associated hacking crews, then police and the military could use that information to find many more people [and potential recruits] they are linked to.”

The anonymous trio are experts in hacking and digital surveillance techniques and hope to use thier past as hacktivists to get the bottom of the pro-ISIS pit. The hackers said they had”rubbed shoulders with undesirables”, allowing them to gain the skills needed to hack into accounts.

Asked about one single vulnerability in these pro-ISIS wannabes, the hackers said,”Fame is their heroin and they are addicted to it. This makes them vulnerable.”

Resource : Mirror

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