Top 10 Android ROMs for customizing your Android device

Tired of Stock Android firmware then check these 10 Best Custom Android ROMs and try out one of them

What is the meaning of Custom Android ROM : It includes anything from  making changes to the custom codes in such a way so that the Android device starts running better. Basically here the original software provided by the manufacturer is wiped out or overwritten with the customized Android system so that it would include a change in the home screen, default screen and even background services. Users who are not satisfied with the Android software provided by their manufacturer can check the Custom ROMs mentioned in the below article. Three major things that users’ need to keep in mind before they try to change the software:

  • The device needs to be “Rooted”
  • ROM interchange is easy: Once the device has been rooted for one custom ROM you can always change the ROM
  • Rather than waiting month after month for a new Android distribution or a set of features from your carrier user can opt for Custom ROM wherein developers bring about new set of features much faster and hence users can always use the Android in the most better way.
  1.  CyanogenMod : CyanogenMod (CM) supports almost 70 devices hence it is most famous among all the Android ROMs. Installing CyanogenMod is also very easy as it provides an Interactive User Interface. Due to its vast features and customizable UI it has gained wide popularity. The CM receives frequent updates as many developers are working on this and hence some of the new devices are installed with CM when they are shipped to the customers. CM provides an in depth hardware level customization which helps to increase the speed of the phone and some of its simple inputs also fixes stock Android’s lack of inbuilt battery. CM is of the most stable ROM which is supported with security updates and gets easily installed by a click of a button, hence even those who are not much proficient in the use of technology can easily get the CM installed in their Android device. Some of the best features of CM includes Trebuchet app launcher, the Ambient display and Live display, quick settings and status bar customization. To get more information about CM and to build CM ROM user would need to go to this link
  2. Paranoid Android: The Paranoid Android ROM is fast, stable, just like CM it also supports many devices and it gets frequent updates as well. Though it is much similar to the stock Android users get certain additional features like customizable app privacy settings, dynamic system bars, users can also hide all the system bars when they are viewing the app and so on. In addition to the performance tweaks given by Cyanogen Mod, Paranoid ROM also provides a feature known as hybrid mode; which would allow user to change the size of the elements on screen i.e. make them bigger or smaller. The next important feature of this ROM is that it allows theme color change in the settings menu wherein user can match their phone to their outfit. It also provides a multi window feature in beta. There might be occasional crashes when users are using this Paranoid Android however it has been seen to perform much faster on the Galaxy Note 2 and the recent Samsung smartphone versions rather than the older versions.
  3. AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) : A custom ROM for several high end Android devices. This ROM adds magical unicorn bytes to the original firmware which was installed in it during its shipment. Certain unique features of AOKP are: It is light weight and free of the bloatware, as it supports a horde of toggles it helps in quick flipping a lot of phone’s settings, using Ribbons user can even launch the apps quickly from any screen. “Navigation Ring” is a particular feature which has 5 slot rings and user can add shortcuts to any of their favorite apps. User has the freedom to change anything in the OS including the looks and the functions. So if user is truly creative and wants to experiment with customization of the system, the AOKP is the right answer. Various other features of this ROM are : customized vibration feature, customized LED control. For users using a supported device and want to go for the latest lollipop version then if they can patiently wait for a new build they might soon get a new build from AOKP.
  4. Slim ROMs: This is the lighter version of the stock Android and it is very simple to use and can be further customized by keeping the OS bloat free. The SlimPIE feature of this ROM has been derived by CM’s PIE and Paranoid’s PIE and it has been used for menu control in the Slim ROMs.  The Privacy Guard feature is simply fabulous as it disables the unnecessary permissions set by the developers and hence gives full app control to the user. Various other unique features of this ROM are: Users can invert the whole ROM just by a click including Gapps. This ROM has a feature which helps user to replace the AOSP recent screen and hence aids in multitasking by marking the favorite apps. Further the official Slim dialer, Shake events which helps to launch the app or even protect it on the lock screen, various other features have been incorporated in the Slim ROMs.
  5. Omni ROM: Major feature of this ROM is the OmniSwitch which provides the navigation and application switch that would help user to go from apps to system areas and vice versa. This ROM provides the stock Android with some additional features like the user can just slide the notification bar and change the brightness of the screen; a notification counter can be added to the status bar; Time and date apps can be launched just by tapping the notification menu. This ROM supports many devices and also regular nightly builds are released that includes the latest features for the users.
  6. PAC-man ROM: It is all in one solution and has a mixture of features from the various ROMs like CyanogenMOD, Paranoid Android and the AOKP. PIE feature has been incorporated in this ROM and though it is a combination of various features from different ROMs it runs smoothly on a variety of devices except for some stability issues in the newer builds. The Lollipop build have already started to roll out.
  7. MIUI: This is Xiaomi’s custom Android firmware. The ROM has been designed to boost the performance and it also provides a number of customizable features to the users. The MIUI ROM is packed with many striking features: “Phone calls” this feature by default identifies the unknown numbers and hence gives users a chance to reject these phone calls, Home screen: the MiSpaces has a new global operation gestures that includes personalized themes and lock screens with the facility of showing the new notifications, anti virus, anti scam under its security features, also there is Permission Manager and an improved app switcher. A redesigning has been provided to the Mails which is now more smart and helps users to manage their important mails in a more organized way. MIUI ROM supports a variety of devices.
  8. Vanilla RootBox: This ROM is a combination of some of the great features of CyanogenMOD, Paranoid Android and AOKP ROMs. Some of the features packed in the RootBox of this ROM includes Per App UI, Per App colors, Per App Expanded mode, change of the Navigation bar height, Per App DPI, various CM and AOKP’s features, also various camera features and various general screen settings. The updates in this ROM are provided via OTA Updates through GOO Manager which is the striking feature of this ROM. Carbon ROM is still updating the builds for Android 4.1 and this is the main drawback of this ROM. However, overall with all its features Carbon ROM is surely an answer for users who are looking for something new and fresh.
  9. Carbon ROM: This is again a custom ROM which has used some of the best features of the other ROMs that are available in the market. There are various attractive features packed in this ROM. Some of them are as follows: Carbon Fibre helps users to organize their Tabs in a neat way, Color theme in navigation bar helps users to give a personal touch to their phone, various customization of the software and hardware keys have been built in this ROM wherein the status bar and the icons can be customized also recent apps can be swiped off with just a click including the LED light options. There is Trebuchet for CM10 option that offers various other features. The ROM also has a Quick launch feature wherein user can launch upto 4 applications and shortcut in this. Enabling of the desk top by the PIE mode is also one of the great features of this Carbon ROM. Modifying the permissions of the Apps, controlling brightness are among the other features of this ROM. Carbon ROM is currently working towards releasing its Carbon Lollipop built and hence KitKat-based nightly builds would be released only for stability improvements and for fixing any bugs.
  10. AOSB: (Android Open Source Bam Project) : This is a CyanogenMOD based ROM and it also has also taken some of the features from other custom ROMs which includes the dark UI from SlimROMs, OmniSwitch from OmniROMs, OTA updates. It also provides various customization features for settings and layout like the Incoming call dialog, App Side Bar, Recent App iPhoney, Active Display, HALO, advanced key board options and many more. The ROM does not have any builds for Lollipop as of now.

Now, if users want to get away from their stock Android firmware and want to try some new features, do try these custom ROMs and enjoy flashing your custom ROM.

If you have any of your favorite which is not listed here, kindly drop in a word in the comments below !

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  1. I think quite a big one you have missed off here above others you have mentioned is OMEGA by Indie which supports numerous devices and is followed by quite a few people.

  2. Are all of these roms still in active development because last year I looked fir some of them but failed to get them.

  3. where’s Resurrection Remix on the list?? Most cool looking, stable ROM i generally run .. the rest i mess around with (I have multi-boot) but apart from taking a few features and being able to add most to RR, i always end up going back to it


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