Microsoft says Windows 10 for phones won’t be launched this summer

Microsoft says that only Windows 10 for desktop will be released this summer, Windows Phone users will have to wait another 2 months before they get Windows 10 on their smartphones

After all the hoopla surrounding the imminent launch of Windows 10 for all devices including PCs, smartphones, IoT devices, Microsoft today surprised Windows Phone users by saying that Windows 10 for mobiles wont be released simultaneously with Windows 10 for PCs this summer.

Looks like Windows Phone users will have to wait a tad longer for Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 software update to arrive on their smartphones. Microsoft is planning a mega release of its all new operating system called Windows 10 after 3 long years and has been releasing build after build for user testing. The upcoming OS for PCs is lined up for a summer release, however, its version for mobile devices may need another 2 months of testing before final version is released.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore announced the delay at a media event at Windows Build 2015 in San Francisco. He explained that Microsoft was adapting Windows 10 for PC experiences before smartphone experiences and that as of now the launch date has not been decided.

Not that Microsoft is going slow with the build releases for Windows 10. It has already released the latest build 10074 but major changes are expected in Windows 10 build 100120.

The Windows 10 Build 100120 is supposed to feature live 3D tiles in the Start Menu to make the user experience more interesting.

Microsoft has already released Windows 10 IoT Core version for Internet of Things devices and Raspberry Pi 2, MinnowBoard Max and Intel Galileo. You can check out the news about the Windows 10 IoT core version here.

So far it is known that Windows 10 for smartphones can run Android and iOS games and Apps and may feature the Live 3D Tiles.


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