Take Viagra says a defaced ISIS website on dark web after GhostSec hacks it

After the slew of hackings by the online hacktivist group, Anonymous, the ISIS and its affiliates decided to move to the dark web in order to protect and spread their propaganda. It looks like even on the dark web, the ISIS is not safe from either Anonymous or its affiliates.

An Islamic State (Isis) propaganda website on the dark web has been taken down by a Anonymous affiliated team called GhostSec. They went on to deface the hacked onion website with an advert for a site selling Viagra, Prozac etc. and a message for the ISIS : Too much Isis. Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff.

Take Viagra says a defaced ISIS website on dark web after GhostSec hacks it

Ghost Sec, a faction of the hacktivist collective Anonymous (unaffiliated with the counter-terrorism organisation Ghost Security Group), also told the ISIS that, “Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you Isis content you all so desperately crave.”

The advert is for a site that describes itself as “the number one bitcoin online pharmacy”, which sells medication ranging from Viagra to Prozac. The advert and message have taken the place of the original site less than one week after it was created.

The site, Isdarat is the latest of hundreds of websites to be taken down by Anonymous and its affiliates. The website was only accessible using the Tor browser, a type of specialist software that uses a system known as onion routing to disguise a user’s location. Though defacements and hackings are common for Anonymous and GhostSec, this hacking is unique because this may be the first hack of a onion website belonging to ISIS. It also shows that the Anonymous have the capacity and capability to strike at ISIS wherever the group tries to reinvent itself.


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