Chinese scientist behind world’s largest cloning factory is looking to clone humans

Back on the news that a United States company, Humai will be working on a project known as “Atom & Eve” that would let human consciousness be transferred to an artificial body after their death, a Chinese scientist has announced that he is looking to replicate humans.

Xu Xiaochun, CEO of Boyalife Group, which is world’s biggest cloning factory says the company has technology advanced enough to replicate humans.

Boyalife Group and its partners are building the giant plant in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin, where it is due to go into production within the next seven months and aims for an output of one million cloned cows a year by 2020.

Boyalife has also announced plans to clone thoroughbred racehorses, as well as pet and police dogs, specialised in searching and sniffing. It is also working with its South Korean partner Sooam and the Chinese Academy of Sciences to improve primate cloning capacity to create better test animals for disease research.

However all that comes to stop as far as cloning humans is concerned. Human cloning raises lot of issues, not only technological but also a host of moral and ethical issues. Though Xu refused to elaborate any further on his human cloning plans for the fear of raising these issues, Xu says, “The technology is already there. If this is allowed, I don’t think there are other companies better than Boyalife that make better technology.”

He has categorically stated that Boyalife does not currently engage in human cloning activities, adding that it has to be “self-restrained” because of possible adverse reaction.

“Unfortunately, currently, the only way to have a child is to have it be half its mum, half its dad,” he said. “Maybe in the future you have three choices instead of one,” he went on. “You either have fifty-fifty, or you have a choice of having the genetics 100 percent from Daddy or 100 percent from Mummy. This is only a choice.”

Human cloning has been a taboo subject among ethical and moral police around the world. Playing with nature has raised concerns even among the most liberal of people around the world. Xu sought to be reassuring, telling AFP: “We want the public to see that cloning is really not that crazy, that scientists aren’t weird, dressed in lab coats, hiding behind a sealed door doing weird experiments.”

Do you agree with Xu’s decision to clone humans? Do you think that we humans should clone humans? Do write in comments regarding your views on human cloning.