Hack Any Android Game Money with GameKiller + APK Full Version

It is always a good experience to get stuff without working hard for that. We understand this and hence brought a way to get this done. So, if you have a rooted Android device, get ready for the upcoming action.

This is the easiest method of hacking any offline game since you only need an app called GameKiller. GameKiller searches counters the particular game is using and breaks the counter on the next update to make it more simple, please follow up the example below.

Example usage:

Let’s say you have a game called Kingdom Rush Frontiers this game uses Gold and Lives you use gold to buy premium items on the store and make sure not to run out of lives to win the game.

Currently, your Gold counter has only 100 gold and 20 Lives you enter the number of gold on the GameKiller app and you gain like 20 gold, after the next update you will see which counter has increased or from 100 gone to 120 and edit that counter and make it 99999 or as many as you want. Now gain some gold and you will see your gold has increased to the number where you want on this example 99999.

Unlimited money in any Android device

Now, this is only one game example and you can use it on any game on you want. Below is the potential top list where this android game hacking is possible to use for. It is possible to hack even COC (Clash of Clans) with this and get unlimited gems.

Game List

1. Kingdom Rush Frontiers
2. Subway Surfers
3.Despicable Me
4.Zombie Tsunami
5.Candy Crush
6.Candy Crush Soda
7.Temple Run
8. Plants VS. Zombie
9. Hill Climb Racing
10. Hungry Shark
and many more..

The How-To Segment:

1. Download GameKiller(Full Version).

2. Install open it up and grant access from SuperU App.

3. After install open up GameKiller.

4. Open up the game you want to hack.

5. GameKiller icon should be visible while playing the game.

6. Now follow up the example usage above.

7. Done!

Here is a video demonstration of the method expalained

Do share your favourite game which you would like to hack first and your queries in the comments.


  1. And for those of you who are concerned with whether or not rooting or jailbreaking your cellphone
    is required, the answer is NO, you do not need to switch your
    cellphone or perform any shenanigans to get the hack

    • Yes you do that’s a lie the initial installation requires you to have root access to run the hacker. I tried several different ways and it will not let you without root access.

  2. False information. Does not let you use unless you root it and the root page is in Chinese. Useless garbage it’s a lie and a shame you have to have 2 more downloads prior to the initial download and they don’t work.

    • i have tried it personally first it is in Chinese but automatically it will detect your systems language and change the language from chinese to your phone default. Sometimes it dosnt works because of proper root binary, try unrooting then root again using some other rooting client for example towellroot magic root etc google them

  3. Hi, Thanks for this tutorial.
    Really appreciate the efforts! This trick worked for a few games but it doesn’t work for some online games.
    Would love to see some trick for those online games like coc, etc,

    • dead trigger 2 is server sided game there is no way to cheat health weapons etc. but there is a mod you can find it in XMOD google it for more details

  4. you guys can also try gamieCIH, SB game hacker, i will recommend SB game hacker it comes with easy UI and time hack for offline games, though it works for few online games, i wont share publicly.

  5. ok thanks alot,but many of us play online games like war of nation,warnation,titans war,happy tower etc,and we need an android application that can hack online games to get treasure,thanks


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