Amputee Gets An Awesome Bionic Arm Inspired by Metal Gear Solid

James Young, a 25-year-old biological scientist, was pulled under a train in London in 2012 that left his left foot severed and later his left arm had to be amputated to save his life.

However, now four years later, James has received an attractive prosthetic arm engineered by Konami and inspired by the one used by Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

James, an avid gamer, had a difficult time keeping up with his normal life and hobbies, of which one of them was gaming. That’s when Konami who were on the lookout for an amputee to try out a slick new prosthetic arm, James volunteered and was fitted with the very special futuristic-looking prosthetic arm.

The arm was designed by prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliveira, who says it’s worth “£70,000 [over $100,000 USD] of design and technology.”

The carbon fiber arm has laser light effects, a flashlight, USB charger, integrated watch, and even has a tiny drone that can launch from the shoulder. The arm is controlled by sensors that detect the muscular movements of James’ shoulder, and send control impulses to the arm and a 3D printed hand.

The hand is said to be so handy that it can even pick up dropped coins. The whole works is powered by a battery stored in the bicep, and is held onto James’ body by a harness system. The arm, which is detachable, is controlled by him via commands sent by his shoulder muscles to sensors, even though James told the Metro that he was still getting to grips with using the bionic arm independently, without the help of his other arm.

James is currently seeking funding for a procedure called osseointegration to achieve his goal of having two fully independent arms once again. This would allow for a titanium implant to be directly fitted to the bone, and do away with the need for the harness and the discomfort associated with wearing them. If you wish to help out, you can donate to James’ cause on his GoFundMe page.

You can watch BBC Three’s new two-part documentary Bodyhack: Metal Gear about James’ fascinating story through the channel’s website, YouTube page and iPlayer.