You Can Hack Wi-Fi Network and Crack Wi-Fi Password Using Your Android Smartphone

If you are a security researcher or hacker, you must have used Kali Linux tools to hack Wi-Fi for pentesting. However one of the most common comments/questions from our readers is for hacking Wi-Fi using Android smartphones. Is it possible to hack Wi-Fi using Android? Yes! It is possible because Android kernel is based on Linux, therefore most of the tricks and hacks that are possible with Linux can be done with Android.

However, since Android smartphone is not as powerful as a PC, there are certain modifications needed and one of them is a rooted Android smartphone. Here are the some Apps which allow you to hack Wi-Fi passwords using your Android smartphone

Things You Need For Hacking WiFi from Your Android Smartphone

  • Android smartphone with Quad-core Processor and at least 2GB RAM
  • Your Android smartphone Must be Rooted
  • The Wi-Fi network signal you want to hack should be powerful

WPS Connect

Though many reviews may say this App is fake but this is a working App and can crack Wi-Fi passwords in minutes from your Android smarpthone. With this App you can hack Wi-Fi signals which  are WPS enabled.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect bypasses WPS security and gives you access to to the Wi-Fi without typing any password.

Wi-Fi Kill

WiFi Kill works by disabling other users using the same Wi-Fi connection giving you the maximum bandwidth available on that particular network. Download Wi-Fi Kill and kill other users connections with this App.

Wi-Fi Kill


ZAnti is a hacking and pentesting tool from the house of Zimperium. ZAnti has been released as a complete mobile pentesting App but it is also capable of hacking Wi-Fi network password of your Android smarpthone.

ZAnti is also capable of hacking wi-fi network password from android mobile. This app is made for checking the security of your wi-fi network. With this app, you can disable other wi-fi connection like wifi kill.ZAnti is like a hacking mobile toolkit for hackers. If you want a hacking android app that can hack other user wifi network and you can do everything you want.

With this App you can hack into Wi-Fi networks to test their security as well as kill other connections pretty much like Wi-Fi Kill above. In addition to hacking Wi-Fi, ZAnti offers you many other pentesting options which you would love if your are a hacker/security researcher. You can also download ZAnti from here.


WIFI WPS WPA Tester works on normal Android smarpthones if you want to just connect an WPS/WPA enabled Wi-Fi network without knowing the password. If you have a rooted Android smartphone, you can view the hacked password.


This hack PINs which are calculated using the following algorithms:

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Above are some of the Apps that let you hack your Wi-Fi network for testing purpose. Do not, REPEAT do not try hacking other networks as this may be illegal in your country and you could be jailed for the offense


  1. Sir is it possible to hack wifi ? using linux wifite program .. Sir i am Sanjeev 15 year Old Teenager And a hacker…Can I work in your Fb page

  2. Kingroot is the worst app for rooting android device…. Plz use Kingoroot for rooting without any defects or bricking problem… In low internet speed also….!

    • @Funny Geeky

      Calm down, mate. KingRoot is quite the opposite of what you’re stating. KingRoot has been proved to support the largest range of devices. Its superuser management application is also highly user-friendly. Kingo Root on the contrary is one of the worst possible one-click root methods I’ve ever seen. It installs unwanted stuff on your device without even seeking your permission.

      Yes, there indeed are a few devices which even KingRoot doesn’t support. In that case, you’d need to follow the general procudure:

      1. Unlock the bootloader
      2. Flash a SUPPORTED custom recovery
      3. Flash SuperSU through it

  3. kingroot is a fuking apps!
    It’s doesn’t work ??.
    Please tell the real way of rooting my handset (galaxy j3 j330f). If you know?

    • @Raiyan

      Follow the general procedure:

      1. Unlock the bootloader
      2. Flash a SUPPORTED custom recovery
      3. Flash SuperSU through it

      Trust me, if the 1st step is successful, it will work on ANY device.

  4. All these lazy, entitled people here. Give me this, show me that, how do I…… and so on. Are you people fucking retarded? Do you know how to use google? You all want to hack but can’t even do a fucking internet search to look for the information you want. It’s out there, trust me. You just have to get up off your pathetic, lazy asses and look.


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