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Popular Anime/Hentai Torrents Website NYAA Down: Here Are Top Anime Torrent Site Alternatives

We had reported on Tuesday about the world’s popular Anime/Hentai torrent download website, NYAA being shut down.

The NYAA admin has confirmed our worst fears!. They said that they had shut down the website in response to certain court proceedings which could have hurt them. They have clarified that the shutdown of NYAA was their own decision and not a result of some form of internal subversion or engagement by government or legal entities. They have also confirmed that NYAA will never be revived again.

The Anime/Hentai lovers community were left flabbergasted to hear the news of NYAA being closed down. To help them find good quality substitute anime/hentai torrent download website, we have collated information from different websites including Reddit. Here are some top anime/hentai download torrent websites so that your anime and hentai download needs go on uninterrupted.

Nyaa.se users are looking for Nyaa alternatives and can join anime torrent sites like BakaBT, HorribleSubs and Tokyo Toshokan. HorribleSubs, in fact, recommends that anime/hentai lovers can use magnet links for all Nyaa torrents on their website.

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Best Nyaa alternative sites:

Nyaa mirror websites:

  • nyaa.pantsu.cat
    (Nyaa replacement /mirror by former NyaaTorrents moderation staff)
  • AcgnX Torrent
    (full Nyaa archive without Sukebei torrents)

Nyaa Sukebei alternatives (hentai/JAV, h-games):

  • Oppaitime (private torrent tracker)
  • JAVjunkies
  • OneJAV

Nyaa Sukebei mirror:

NSFW Nyaa (18+) content can be found on sukebei.nyaa.se.

Lastly, if you are looking for some legal websites to watch Anime then do check out Best Websites To Watch Anime Online In 2020.


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