iPhone 8 Plus reportedly cracked open while charging, claims Taiwanese reports

Apple’s new iPhone 8 Plus screen reportedly splits open due to swollen battery

Not even in the wildest dreams one would have thought that in spite of coughing up a huge amount for iPhone 8 Plus, one would in return get a cracked open iPhone screen. That’s what has happened in two separate incidents, when the iPhone 8 Plus reportedly cracked open while charging.

Apple would have not thought of following the embarrassment that Samsung had gone through last year when several incidences of Galaxy Note 7 exploding due to faulty batteries were reported. In case of iPhone 8 Plus too, faulty or damaged batteries are suspected to be the reason behind the devices to crack open.

One victim in question is Ms. Wu, who had recently purchased her gold 64GB iPhone 8 Plus, and had reportedly been in use for five days, reported the Taiwanese media. According to Wu, the iPhone screen started bulging upward and detaching from the chassis just three minutes into charging. She confirmed that she was charging the device using the original cable and adaptor. The current mobile phone is in possession of Apple for analysis.

In another incident reported by a man in Japan said that the iPhone 8 Plus was shipped to him with the screen detached. It was purportedly in such a condition in the box when it arrived.

It appears the battery inside the iPhone 8 Plus is made by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), the same company that provided the component for faulty Galaxy Note 7 batteries, The Next Web says citing unconfirmed reports.

Apple confirmed it was “looking into” two reports of the issue but declined to comment further to The Independent. It is understood the tech giant believes the problem was caused by the battery swelling due to a build-up of heat and pressure, which is meant to prevent the device from actually catching fire or exploding and does not pose a safety concern.

With only two confirmed reports of iPhone 8 Plus, it is still unclear whether these are one-off issues or a major manufacturing issue. Apple had launched the iPhone 8 Plus on September 22 and started shipping the device to its customers after two weeks.

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