Are you looking to download Instagram for PC?

This article will guide you on how you can use Instagram on your Windows 7,8, 10 PC in a few simple steps.

Instagram one of the world’s most leading social networking App is now available for download on pc (Instagram web).

If you are on social media then the chances are high about your visit to this app at least once in your life.

This app is loved by millions with over 1.16 billion monthly active users around the world. People use this app because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Many leading business corporations, Public figures, or even startups use this platform to showcase their services and products.

It is considered the most used social networking app just after Facebook and WhatsApp.

In 2012 Instagram was sold to Facebook for $1Billion and it has been installed 1 billion times on the Google Play store alone.

So in this article, we are providing you with the best ways to download Instagram for PC and how to use it.


Can I download Instagram on my PC / Laptop?

Yes, you can easily download and use Instagram on a Windows 10, 8, 7 PC, or a macOS computer.

Furthermore, using the Instagram app for Windows 10 you can even post photos and send direct messages.

How to Download Instagram For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7 )?

There are basically two ways to use Instagram on a windows pc or laptop.

The first and most basic way to use Instagram is by using its official website or downloading an Instagram app for Windows PC.

If you are not interested in these ways then you have an option of using third-party software or an android emulator called Bluestacks.

Using the Instagram website, Instagram on Chrome/ Firefox (Instagram web)

In this method, you can use Instagram on your PC without having to download the app.

Instagram Web


First: Type on your favorite browser and press enter.

In our testing we have opened Instagram website on google chrome

Instagram Web

Second: Then you will be automatically addressed to the official website of Instagram where you can log in with your account and start using Instagram.

Instagram has now enabled options to use DMs using the web browser. Using the toggle device toolbar you can even post Instagram photos.

Follow these simple steps to upload images and videos using the Instagram website.

  1. Right-click anywhere and click on inspect.
  2. Now on the upper right-hand side locate the toggle device toolbar and click on it.
  3. Lastly, refresh the webpage to upload images.

You can even watch the video linked at the beginning to follow the aforementioned steps.

Using Instagram For PC APP

Instagram App for pc

  1. Download Instagram For PC app. Open Start by clicking the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen, then do the following:
  • Type in store
  • Click Microsoft Store
  • Click the “Search” text box.
  • Type in Instagram
  • Click Instagram in the drop-down menu.

Instagram Web App

Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC |How to run it?

After downloading the PC app of Instagram you will be easily able to use it on your pc.

Cons: This app still has several bugs and does not work properly.

A recent update to Instagram’s progressive web app has brought support for Direct Message on PC. Using which user can send Instagram dm’s on PC.

How to download the real Instagram for pc windows 10?

Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC |How to run it?

BlueStack is an android emulator which can be used to access all your favourite apps on pc.

  1. Just Open the BlueStacks website. Go to in your web browser. This will open the site from which you can download the BlueStacks player.
  2. Click Download BLUESTACKS. It’s a green button in the middle of the page.
  3. Then Install BlueStacks. To do so, double-click the BlueStacks EXE file, then do the following:
    • Click Yes and then
    • Click Install now and
    • Wait for BlueStacks to install.
  4. Once the software is installed you can search it on the taskbar.
    Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC |How to run it?
  5. Open the BlueStacks Download and install Instagram in order to use it.Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC |How to run it?

Features: Using an android emulator to use Instagram on PC allows full features on Instagram unlike those on Instagram web and its PC app. Some of the features include-

  • Post to Instagram from PC
  • Use Instagram messages on PC (Send and receive Instagram message on PC)

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Update: Recent reports suggest that Instagram may soon start to allow users to post from its desktop version of site.


So these were some methods to download Instagram for pc Windows 10 or 7.

You can either Download Instagram for PC or directly use it online in your browser using the tips provided.

If you have any better options let us know in the comment section below.